This video was created by Teach For All Synergies team, who work to highlight examples of best practice and innovation in education across the world (Video by Faolan Jones).

The Background

When we agreed to do the video, we hoped that it would not only help to bring our work to a wider, international audience. We also hoped that the brief meant we could highlight the role of relationships in creating what we do.

Throughout the development of Enabling Enterprise, I’ve often highlighted the importance of key relationships in bringing enterprise education into the classroom. And Enabling Enterprise has been all about the people:

  • The teachers who deliver the projects in their classrooms.
  • The head teachers who trust in our work and allow their schools to engage.
  • The businesses who commit to opening their doors to our children and young people.
  • The business volunteers who meet them, and inspire and enthuse them about the future.
  • The funders and individual donors to allow us to continue our work.
  • The EE Team and their hard work to overcome obstacles and set backs.
  • The advisors, both informal and formal, and Board of EE who provide guidance and support.

And the end result of all these relationships, the support and the partnerships is that this year over 20,000 children and young people will have a much greater chance to leave school equipped with the enterprise skills, experiences of the world, and aspirations to be successful in the rest of their lives.

Thank you

Thanks to Teach for All for profiling our work, and I hope that everyone who watches enjoys the video. Thanks as always for your interest and support.

Tom Ravenscroft

Founder & Director, Enabling Enterprise

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