What happens when you bring together three schools, five countries and 100 million Enabling Enterprise Dollars? A chance to make a world of difference.

Earlier today, the meeting room of Societe Generale was packed full of energetic Year 4 and Year 5 students – delegates from St. Peter’s, St. James Barrie and Cannon Barnet schools – who had come together to face a challenge on a global scale. With each team representing a different country, the students would be working alongside professional volunteers to play the role of traders, diplomats and advocates. Although competing with other teams, the students were united by a single mission – to stand up as members of the international community and campaign to make a world of difference.
The students were soon immersed into the fast-paced world of international trade, working together to manufacture and sell as many exports as possible, before the clock ran out. With each country having a different share of resources, the teams pulled together and worked strategically, to trade, exchange and barter with other countries. The teams were buzzing with excitement, but also had a moment or two to reflect – ‘I learned how business works, how countries trade and how some deals are fair and some are not.’ Despite all the hard work, the distribution of resources had clearly given France and Canada an unfair advantage
Although the students enjoyed competing, they realised countries could go a lot further if they cooperated. students were determined to make trade fairer and to come up with a plan to assist developing countries. With a pot of 100 million Enabling Enterprise dollars to spend, the teams created a plan on how they could help boost the economy of Kenya, by improving education, boosting tourism, and investing in healthcare.
After some intense brainstorming, the time had come to present the campaigns at a United Nations Conference, chaired by a panel of professional judges from Societe Generale. The delegates of China, who had expertly demonstrated how their medical expertise could support developing countries, emerged as the winners of the day.
So what lessons did our UN delegates take home? St. Peter’s, James Barrie and Cannon Barnet had mastered the tricks of the buying and selling, but they had also seen how trade was much more than a competition to make a profit. When they had come together, they were ready to step up, shake hands and change the world.

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