It was great to welcome Year 3 and 4 students from three Birmingham primary schools to the City Centre offices of Wragge & Co. These would be the youngest students yet to try their hands at a real life business challenge: setting up their own greetings cards companies.

Three teams from Reaside joined together with Turves Green Primary and Forestdale, who have been working hard to organise a fundraising activity, supporting a charity of their choice. The trip to Wragge & Co was both a reward and valuable chance stretch their enterprise skills alongside professionals.

Having played the classic game of Zip Zap Boing to get focused and ready for action, it was time to get into mixed teams and quiz volunteer helpers on what skills were needed to work at Wragge & Co. I was amazed at how well these young students adapted to working with people they had never met and it was clear it was going to be a great day.

With the teams sorted, the Greetings Card brief was set and teams jumped straight into designing their cards and deciding how exactly they would spend their start up budget of 60 EE Dollars. The next stage was to produce as many cards as possible and sell them at the EE shop to secure funds for more resources. Our teams took to this classic make-sell-reinvest challenge like fish to water and it wasn’t long before the Banking Hall was lined with beautiful cards.

Now it was time for the biggest test: each team had to deliver a short presentation to a room full of peers and adults. Luckily, help was on hand from Wragge & Co volunteers who helped students build their confidence in this new environment with each rehearsal.

With our judges ready, each team took their place at the front of the large hall and prepared to pitch. It was fantastic to see how the teams had gelled together and the great courage students showed as they delivered their lines with booming voices and in some cases with no notes at all!

Of course there had to be a winner and after much deliberation, Emily’s Team was crowned as champions thanks to presentation skills which were well beyond their years – a huge well done to them and all students who took part.
Our huge thanks go to the Wragge & Co volunteers for all their support and enthusiasm which made this such a special day.

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