On Tuesday, Enabling Enterprise had the pleasure of being invited into Curwen Primary in Plaistow to run a challenge for year five and six; to design and market a revolutionary new brand of chocolate! After an introductory assembly led by Enabling Enterprise, the children retired to their individual classrooms to get down to some serious work…

After assembling into teams and a discussion on the importance of teamwork, the meaning of enterprise and the ways in which they overlapped, the children began to examine why maths was such an integral part of business. All this however was just a warm-up for the real highlight of the morning, the chocolate taste-test! The children looked (and tasted!) many different brands of chocolate, from the classic Dairy Milk, to chocolate covered popcorn and (always a teacher’s favourite) After 8 Mints (but, it turns out, not so much a favourite of 10 year olds!). After the children had examined the packaging of various chocolates, as well as the shape and feel, they were suitably inspired to begin brainstorming ideas for their brand new chocolate’s.

The children threw themselves into the challenge and came up with some really innovative ideas, but the only way to test whether these ideas would work would be to put them to the public. The children created a tally chart to test the schools reaction to their proposed new chocolate, “what colour works best for the packaging,” and so on, and set about finding the answers at break-time. Sixteen teams running around the playground at break-time vying for data was quite a sight to behold!

When the children returned from break-time, it was time to start some serious mathematical challenges…The children had to analyse their data that they had collected at break, turning it into fractions, percentages, ratios, any mathematical term they could think of! Once they had broken down their data, they took their maths a step further, drawing different types of graph to represent what they had discovered, with bar charts, line graphs and pie charts all making an appearance. Finally, after their teachers had explained the intricacies of profit, expenditure, and income, the children began to ponder the ideal price point for their chocolate, the amount they would make on each bar, and how many they would have to sell to make some serious money!

Once the children had filled their bellies with a delicious and nutritious lunch, the fun stuff could finally begin! The children had to design their packaging and prepare their presentations for the judges. The teams split into two halves, one dealing with the packaging, the other with their presentations. With a wide variety of nets, coloured card, sellotape, glue sticks and other creative materials on offer, there were some truly astounding designs produced in the short time allowed. The presentation teams took their task seriously, working through a checklist of questions they needed to tell the judges, and working rigorously on posture, confidence, and eye contact. Time passed in a flash, and suddenly it was time for the teams to present their packaging and pitch their concepts to the judges, the students in their other year group class!

There were some pretty exciting chocolates on show, and the competition was fierce! Their fate was in the children’s own hands though, as they voted for the winner from the other class. With an air of expectation forming around both year five and six, they both trooped to the hall excitedly, eagerly awaiting the result! With anticipation reaching fever pitch, we were able to announce the deserved winners, Six-in-One from 5E, Delight Britannia from 5K, Mosquito Bite from 6A, and Rubix Cube from 6T. Each of the winners showed exceptional creativity and teamwork as well as delivering an excellent presentation, while all of the children worked incredibly hard and had a huge amount of fun doing it!

We’d like to say a big thank you to Curwen Primary for allowing us to run this challenge day, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you!

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