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May2012 16

Hackney Pirates: Launching their own T-Shirt Line through the Core Programme

Hackney Pirates was founded by a group of enthusiastic volunteers to provide a creative and supportive learning space for the young people of Hackney. Last year, the Hackney Pirates joined forces with Enabling Enterprise to create the Young Pirate Apprentice – a voyage into the world of business – which combined buccaneering spirit with entrepreneurial flair. By following the EE Core Programme, the Pirates tackled a series of enterprising challenges, which would teach them how to take the lead, negotiate as comrades, generate new ideas, and communicate them convincingly. To help them navigate through the treacherous seas, a leading entrepreneur would visit the Pirates each week, where they would share their stories, give expert advice, and support the Pirates in their activities.

After sharing experiences and ideas as a team, the Pirates were ready to get down to business – a brand new customised T-shirt company would soon be taking Hackney by storm. Each pirate created a unique design based on a collage inspired by the urban landscape. Before launching into production, the Pirates conducted market research by creating and distributing questionnaires, whose results would help them to locate their target audience and finalise their designs. To cover initial costs, the Pirates wrote letters to local T-shirt printing companies, who were persuaded to provide a discount and support the Pirates in the first stages of production. With the designs completed and ready to go, the Pirates stood up to face the next challenge – releasing the new T-shirt range onto the market.

Rather than opting for an ordinary sales strategy, the Pirates decided to draw in potential customers and investors through a memorable celebration event, which would showcase the designs and encourage visitors to spread the word. The Pirates immersed themselves in planning and promoting the event – sending out invitations, designing business cards, and creating pirate hat information flyers – which the attendees could wear and share with their friends. Alongside the celebration event, the Pirates also created an online catalogue, where customers could browse and purchase their favourite designs.

On the evening of April 25th, the Pirates and an excited crowd of guests gathered for the celebration event, eager to see the achievements of the Young Pirate Apprentice on full display. The guests were impressed by the dazzling array of designs and were keen to take home as many T-shirts as possible. There was even a delivery service available for visitors who had emptied their pockets! Alongside the T-shirt fair, the guests were also treated to presentations by the designers, a film screening, and a spectacular break dancing performance. Our director, Tom, attended the event: ‘I was amazed by the confidence and creativity of the Pirates. Watching the teams present and hearing how much they had achieved was very moving.’

The event was a great success and everyone left with a T-shirt, a smile, and the assurance that Young Pirate Apprentice had a bright future ahead. The Pirates produced a video to reflect on what they had learned. As one Pirate commented, ‘It made me feel more mature…I loved Young Pirate Apprentice.’

Congratulations Hackney Pirates! You are such an innovative group of entrepreneurs and we look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

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