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Based in the London Borough of Hounslow and part of the Aspirations Trust, Oak Hill Academy are in their second year of working with Enabling Enterprise. Previously, students have showcased their Leading and Presenting skills in last year’s ‘Day in Politics’ Challenge Day and put their Teamwork and Creativity into practice in the world of work with an exciting business trip to IBM on the South Bank. Back in school, students have honed these essential skills further through Lesson-Time Projects to learn about the world of law and computer gaming skills workshops as part of the school’s ‘Tech Fest’!

Today’s challenge was a fantastic opportunity for students from Years 3 to 6 to show that Creativity once more.

The Challenge: Game On

Over the course of the day, students used their Teamwork skills to design a brand-new sport that promoted a sense of community. By looking at current, popular sports, the students developed an understanding of how surfaces, equipment and people affect gameplay. Alongside this, many teams carried out their own research into playing kits and used their Problem Solving skills to explore how these are suitable to the athletes’ movement and could be used in their own sports.

Throughout the day, students also considered how sports can not only challenge a player’s physical ability but also put their essential skills to the test, in particular Aiming High and Staying Positive. They also explored the importance of Teamwork and how players’ Creativity could be stretched to find innovative ways to play the game and develop skills and tactics.

Some of the most creative ideas included team names such as the Feltham Flyers, 4 Sports and Awesome Oaks. The new sports ideas were as varied as team foot tennis, skateboarding volleyball, a 4-team knockout game to dodge opposition players and collect their coloured cones and a basketball-football hybrid where players shoot the ball into a hoop or a goal!

At the end of the day each team used their Presenting skills to share initial ideas for their new sport to the rest of their class, who Listened Carefully and then voted on the best idea. Presentations included professional slides and live demonstrations of the sport to engage their audience. The winning teams now get to look forward to seeing their game ideas brought to life and played out in future PE lessons!

What they said:

  • “We’ve seen how important our Listening skills are to great teamwork and the leaders, or team captains, have encouraged this, which we have learnt from.” – Teacher
  • “My team captain was good at Leading us because she involved everyone and listened to our ideas, then helped us to reach a decision together.” – Student
  • “When you told us in the assembly that we were going to make a sport, we thought it would be easy but it’s been hard to combine the different sports together to create a new one.” – Student
  • “They’ve learnt so much today; about sports and the thinking behind how these are created, as well as the range of jobs available in sport which is so inspirational for them going into the future. Of course, they’ve also used these skills are and for them to see this being applied to so many different situations and activities really brings home how important they are.” – Teacher
  • “The 3 colours of our kit – red, blue and green – represent the 3 core skills that players must demonstrate: Leadership, Teamwork and Positivity” – Student
  • “I made a mistake when I was designing my shorts but the rest of my team told me it was OK and they helped me to make it right.” – Student

Thanks to everyone for such a great Challenge Day!

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