The School: Littledown

Littledown, based in Slough in Berkshire, is a special school which supports children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties (SEMH) with the aim to empower pupils with self-confidence. The school is in its second year of working with Enabling Enterprise, having previously demonstrated their Creativity and Aiming High skills in their ‘Day in Politics’ Challenge, as well as taking part in insightful trips to Thames Water to put their Problem Solving and Teamwork skills to good use in the world of work.

In school, students have also had the opportunity to develop these skills further through Lesson-Time Projects, such as developing new reading areas, designing new toys and setting up pop-up bakeries to stretch all their Essential Skills once more! Today’s challenge was a fantastic opportunity for students from all classes to put their Creativity and Problem Solving skills to the test in an exciting challenge!

The Crime Scene Challenge

Over the course of the day, the students explored what makes great Teamwork as they worked collaboratively in their roles as police investigators to solve the case of the ‘Sugar Snatcher’. All the chocolate and sweet treats in the school had been stolen! Following police procedures such as fingerprint analysis and evaluating evidence at the crime scene itself, the students were able to put their Problem Solving skills to the test to help them reconstruct the movements leading up to the theft.

As the budding detectives gathered and analysed further evidence, including recordings from around the school building and statements from eye witnesses, they exchanged ideas on who they felt was the most likely suspect and were Presenting these theories in a bid to identify the culprit.

As they reached their final decisions, students were asked to present their cases to the rest of the group, who were Listening Carefully to see how the arguments would fit with their own. The detectives’ ability to Stay Positive really shone through as the case was finally closed with a shock confession!

What they said:

  • “It’s been great! I’ve been so impressed with how well they have shared their ideas and listened to each other’s ideas, too.” – Teacher
  • “We had to stay positive because the new clues meant we kept changing our minds on who did it!” – Student
  • “It’s been lovely to see them all so engaged on a task together and to hear them really want to share what they’ve done.” – Teacher
  • “I am like a real police officer today because I have not given up and had lots of really good ideas.” – Student

Thanks to everyone for such a great Challenge Day!

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