The School:

From the London Borough of Hounslow, Cranford Primary is in its fifth year working with Enabling Enterprise to develop a set of eight Essential Skills in their students. This academic year, a selection of students have had the opportunity to visit employers such as Hounslow Highways and the University of West London in order to apply their essential skills outside the classroom. Over the years, to further refine their essential skills, the school has also undertaken a variety of Lesson-Time Projects linked to the topics they study every term – for example, Year 3’s volcanoes topic was combined with their ‘Trash to Treasure’ project to design and build models of volcanoes! Alongside these classroom-based projects, students have also successfully completed several Challenge Days as a whole school, so today’s challenge was a fantastic opportunity for students from Nursery right through to Year 6 to put their Essential Skills to the test once more with gusto.

The Challenge: Level Up!

Over the course of the day, students delved into the world of gaming and used their Teamwork skills to design and code a new computer game set in their very own school. In a series of tasks based on eight Essential Skills such as Creativity and Problem Solving, teams needed to reflect on their school values, research computer games and code a platforming game that showcased what makes their school great. When coding, students were really Aiming High to give the clearest instructions possible in order to master their coding language.

Early Years designed an amazing range of robots and unique 8-bit characters, whilst Upper Key Stage 2 were boasting the most imaginative game worlds, including some teams who got the chance to try out their very own designs through the school’s computing programme.

The day culminated in an EE Games Expo, where each team was demonstrating top-notch Presenting skills for their exciting new game.

Congratulations, all!

What they said:

  • “It’s great to have been on EE trips before because it not only helps the students: it helps the teachers, too!” – Teacher
  • “Today has been amazing – the way you’ve built in the shared leadership for them throughout the different activities, it was perfect for them!” – Teacher
  • “Fantastic to see they’re using the skills they’ve used in other projects before, so this is excellent consolidation for them and a great way to celebrate as well!” – Teacher
  • “When someone wasn’t sure what to do in our team, we encouraged them and we checked if they liked our ideas.” – Student
  • “No, we haven’t really argued today, we’ve found it super easy to agree together. Actually, there was one thing we disagreed on, but we sorted it out by being kind to each other and staying positive, and we said things like ‘We need to be friends now…’ Sometimes you just have to be friendly with people and that’s why we’re the best team today.” – Student

Thanks to everyone for such a great Challenge Day!

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