The School:

Luton-based Beechwood Primary is in its third year working with Enabling Enterprise. Previously, students have been busy developing a set of eight of eight Essential Skills by launching their very own greetings card companies and by taking part in employer visits to top businesses in the area including TUI and The Mall. Today’s challenge was a fantastic opportunity for students from Year 1 to Year 6 to put their Essential Skills to the test once more with gusto.

The Challenge: A Day in Politics

Over the course of the day, students had the opportunity to practise their Teamwork and Leading skills by taking on the role of aspiring politicians. They dived head first into the world of politics, learning about democracy and carrying out debates before setting up their very own political parties. Students were Sharing Ideas and Problem Solving on which areas of society they wanted to help and how they might spend their money to support them. Finally, teams held an exciting election to determine who had created the most persuasive political party! The would-be entrepreneurs did such a great job with their Presenting skills that the adults in all classrooms knew they could trust the young politicians about the country’s future.
Congratulations, all!

What they said:

  • “It was a very engaging day – they were all on task, which was perfect!” – Teacher
  • “There’s one team where one of the girls wasn’t speaking so much because she’s quite shy, but one of the boys has taken on a bit of a leading role as he went around the table, making sure everyone was included, so it was great to see him do that.” – Teacher
  • “Our group decided to give £5 billion to hospitals because it’s sad to see people ill, so we’re going to keep all hospitals running by having more doctors and nurses.” – Student
  • “Our party is the party for people. You can trust us, we are the best for this country! We promise to help hospitals with up-to-date equipment and more staff, which will free up beds (…)” – Student
  • “We are finding it easy to work as a team because we are listening to everyone and we are doing a hands-up vote for all our decisions.” – Student
  • “Since the trip to TUI we think we’ve worked better as a team because there’s been less arguing.” – Student

Thanks to everyone for such a great Challenge Day!

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