The Schools:

On 8th June 2018 3 Hackney primary schools all took part in the Creative Spaces Challenge Days simultaneously. For Gayhurst, this is their 4th year working with EE, whereas Mandeville and Kingsmead are taking part for the second year running. It’s the second time those schools have taken part in a joint challenge – last year, students across the same 3 schools were set the stretching task of designing a range of hybrid vehicle prototypes on ‘Future Transport’. Today’s challenge was a fantastic opportunity for students from Reception to Year 6 to put their Essential Skills to the test across the borough.

The Challenge: Creative Spaces

Over the course of the day, students were Working in a Team to become architects and builders. Their task was to design and build a new community arts centre for their local area, taking inspiration from what they already knew and by thinking about ways to incorporate nature into their building. In particular, students were Using Imagination and Problem Solving to decide where to build their space and what materials to use.

The day culminated with teams Sharing Ideas for their new creative spaces and Presenting a pitch for potential planning permission whilst using a model of their proposed building, which they had made from recycled materials.

What they said:

  • “It’s great to see the students creating together. Some of the more challenging students have been so focussed – I’m thoroughly impressed!” – Teacher
  • Mandeville

  • “They have really impressed me today. It is exciting for them to be taking ownership and they are thinking more deeply about the decisions they make.” – Teacher
  • Kingsmead

  • “We’ve built up the reception children all week doing individual tasks to them working in groups today. They have responded incredibly well. We chose the leaders carefully and they have risen to the challenge.” – Teacher
  • Gayhurst

  • “We’ve got a golden chandelier in our gallery to wow people as they walk in.” – Student
  • Mandeville

  • “We couldn’t decide which idea we liked the most so we put them together!” – Student
  • Kingsmead

  • “My top tip would be to discuss all the good and bad points of each other’s ideas before making any final decisions. Keep talking about it as a group until you all agree.” – Student
  • Gayhurst

Thanks to everyone from all three schools for such great Challenge Days!

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