The School:

Luton-based Beechwood Primary is in its third year of working with Enabling Enterprise. Back in school, students have been busy developing a set of eight Essential Skills by successfully completing several Challenge Days – they have designed very imaginative transport prototypes fit for future generations, investigated a mysterious Crime Scene in school, and even launched their very own greetings card companies. Today’s trip was a fantastic opportunity for a mixed-age group of students from Year 3 to Year 5 to stretch those same skills outside the classroom and hone in on Using Imagination and Sharing Ideas as they were supported by a wide range of wonderful volunteers from an internationally known business.

The Business:

TUI Group is the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world, and owns travel agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and retail stores. Today at their head office in Luton, an array of volunteers including Bappi, Beth, Durcan, Emily, Kirsty and Shri were on hand to support the budding entrepreneurs on a creative challenge. Let’s find out how they got on…

The Challenge: High Fliers

The day started off with the students interviewing the TUI volunteers to find out about their different roles, responsibilities and the Essential Skills required to do their jobs. Students then went on a thorough tour of the premises, which was extremely insightful and allowed the teams to see the great variety of jobs available in the world of holiday planning, marketing and resorts. The students were really inspired by the incredible office space, which has elements of cruise ship design and its own pretend airport departure lounge!
Taking on the role of holiday planners on behalf of TUI, students were challenged to apply their Using Imagination and Problem Solving skills to come up with a brand new holiday destination that TUI could add to their extensive portfolio. Teams were also Aiming High for specific groups of people they had chosen as their target market.

Working in a Team within tight deadlines, the mixed-age holiday planners and marketers managed to put together a variety of colourful and persuasive webpage mock-ups for a holiday resort in their chosen destination. These proved really useful in the last part of the day when the teams presented their ideas in a buzzing Holiday Trade Fair, which was judged by TUI staff. The adults were extremely impressed by the confidence shown by all the students. The quality of their work was so good that all teams walked away with a special skill award for the outstanding creativity and teamwork they displayed in such a short amount of time!

What they said:

  • “Children had the opportunity to work with different adults and in mixed age groups on exciting activities! It was great they had the chance to tour the building and ask questions. This opened their eyes to the wider world and to business. I liked the constant focus on the skills and I think the students gained in teamwork and collaborative skills” – Teacher
  • “The level of concentration and their motivation was amazing! I had one child who said one day they’d like to be my boss – talk about Aiming High!” – Volunteer
  • “You were confident and well-prepared in your presentation and you even spoke without notes!” – Volunteer
  • “We loved the humour they used…” – Volunteer
  • “…and the exaggeration – very persuasive!” – Volunteer
  • “A warm welcome to each and every one of you (…) the biggest pool in the world: what’s better than that?! Times it by seven!” – Student
  • “We were showing Staying Positive by staying calm and not making a fuss.” – Student
  • “We showed Leading by letting everyone have a job (…) If you have any questions, feel free to ask…” – Student

Thanks to everyone for such a great trip day!

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