Part of Rachel’s work at Enabling Enterprise involves supporting International Schools to implement our programmes. Sohar International School became a partner this year and recently, Year 12 completed a Lesson-Time Project called ‘The Big Event’. It is so rewarding to hear and share in their successes, and so it is an absolute pleasure to share this summary from one of the teachers, Miss Amanda Reynolds.

The Big Event EE project meets Pi Day!

The beginning of this school year brought a new piece of our school’s curriculum. The program introduced our teachers and students to Enterprise. So, we began our journey together learning more about Enterprise skills and how we can develop them via Recycling, Radio Programs and other topics. All while this is happening the Mathematics department discussed planning a day focusing on mathematics but engaging with it in a fun way for the older students. Out of that discussion came the idea to celebrate Pi day. In a bit of serendipity, our next Enterprise session was revealed to be “The Big Event”. How perfect! We decided that instead of having the students plan a fictitious event, this would be a perfect opportunity to put their new skills to the test and have them help plan, organize and execute Pi Day.

Right from the start of the new topic, I shared with the students our plan for Pi day and their organizing role. We began thinking about our target audience and asking questions about what will catch their attention, engage them for a whole hour of mathematics and what would make this day memorable. The process encouraged the students to listen to one another and as they practised this skill the ideas grew more and more creative. Then we moved on to our planning, this presented quite the challenge as our school was busy with numerous cultural and academic events. What we found was our long-term planning turned to short term planning very quickly as time slipped through our hands like sand. But the students organized themselves in to groups such as the marketing group, the t-shirt group and game creation group. The smaller groups allowed for each student to take an active role in a specific need of Pi day. Two students emerged as project managers, which was extremely helpful motivating other students and making sure all that needed to be done was accomplished to the last detail. As a teacher, I found myself challenged to lead and encourage yet not to take over. I even had a bad dream while sleeping one night and felt the extra pressure to just get things done, but letting the students learn and grow was the purpose. That may mean things might not get done and things may not look the way I envisioned them, but it also might mean I could be surprised!

That was the beauty of letting the 12th graders organize this event. It was simply better than I could have expected. Through the student leadership they suggested mixing up the ages and curriculum programs so students could make new friends. Our game group created a Pi Day software game on their own time and efforts, it was amazing! Our 12th grade students came alongside our teachers in the small groups and led ice-breakers as well as supervising their groups’ time and interactions. A teacher even said he could see how the student leaders’ confidence grew during the time. Our students attempted to create and sell t-shirts but in the end learned a few lessons about going through proper channels and timing. I don’t consider this a failure for the students at all. It is a real-life experience that they will carry with them and next time, if they choose to learn from previous experience, will result in their growth and positive outcomes.

The final event of the day was the highlight. When the students discussed what would make the day memorable they decided on raising money for refugee families. The students created two boxes with two of our beloved mathematics teachers’ faces on each one. The box with the most money by Pi Day would get a pie in the face. With anticipation, the students cheered with delight as the pie smashed into the winning teacher’s face but we already had a second pie ready and felt it couldn’t go to waste. In the end both teachers got pied, much to the children’s delight!

Overall, I could not have been prouder of the students! Enterprise opened up a door for students to engage in real-life planning, organizing and leadership skills that will continue to grow and benefit their future. These kinds of moments are why I love being a teacher!

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