The School: Reach Academy Feltham

Based in Hounslow, Reach Academy Feltham are in the second year of working with Enabling Enterprise. Staff at the school believe passionately that all young people, regardless of background, can achieve great things. The academy offers an all-through, 2-form entry schooling career to its students from Nursery right through to Sixth Form. Through this, a community is created of pupils, parents and teachers united by the highest expectations of what every young person can achieve to succeed in life. The teachers at Reach Academy believe that their pupils will work hard towards this goal if it is real to them.
The values of the Academy are Reflect, Endeavour, Aspire, Show Courage and Have Fun.

Previously, the students have worked on an exciting Moonbase Challenge Day which tested their Working in a Team skills as they established new societies on a distant moon. Today’s challenge was a fantastic opportunity for students from Reception to Year 10 to work collaboratively in mixed teams and put their Essential Skills to the test once more.

The Challenge: Level Up

The day started off with an exciting assembly where students were arranged into their new teams for the day, being asked to work alongside children from other year groups in a true test of their Working in a Team and Staying Positive skills. Students were asked to reflect on what makes their school great, thinking about the people, places and opportunities around them, and began Using their Imagination to think about what this might look like in a digitally interactive form! Feltham’s finest creative minds were then introduced to their task: to create the concept and design the elements for a new computer game, set in their very own school, that showcases all that is wonderful about Reach Academy.

Over the course of the day, students delved into the world of gaming and took on various roles from within the industry, Aiming High to demonstrate the skills required in order to carry out each new task. Teams took on the roles of Games Researchers to reflect on their school values, identify the areas and people found within their school, and to research different computer game formats. As Level Editors and Games Artists, they then Used their Imagination to design the characters for their game and the Game World in which it is set, which saw innovative ideas such as characters collecting each of the school’s 5 values by displaying that value in a challenge, such as being courageous to collect the ‘C’ for Courage. Other designs included underground worlds hidden underneath the playground, themed puzzles set by Secondary subject teachers, Demon Dinner Ladies, and characters rounding up animals who had escaped from the school farm!

The next step was to use their knowledge of instructional language and write the code for their platform game, using their Problem Solving skills to create a simple set of easy-to-follow character movements for the game’s players. Lots of Staying Positive was required as teams tested the movements and suitability of their coding, making the vital last-minute edits. The day culminated in EE Games Expo, where each team presented their exciting new game to an excited audience of gaming enthusiasts!

What they said:

  • “It’s been great to see how students respond to the challenge and have taken on extra responsibility. It has really tested how well they can work with others and contribute to a task effectively.” – Secondary Teacher
  • “It was challenging today as sometimes people were doing their own thing but my team-mate Morgan showed great leadership by giving everyone a job to do.” – Primary Student
  • ” Through being given the chance to reflect upon and develop these skills, students are given genuinely new experiences and have the chance for growth, within our school’s ethos of having a growth mindset. These Challenge Days give younger students the chance to work with older role models and gives them exposure to what they could become. It encourages that sense of aspiration in them and gives them the opportunity to push themselves and collaborate with older peers in a safe, controlled environment.” – Assistant Headteacher
  • “Today has been a real learning curve for all of us, not just students but teachers, too. We have all been taken out of our comfort zone and have had to work in a different way to usual, so it’s a great day for us all to reflect on our own skills and to learn from each other.” – Primary Teacher
  • “I have seen how important communication is to teamwork as we were a bit quiet to begin with and that meant that we weren’t working well together. In future, I’ll make more of an effort to get to know my team-mates at the beginning so that we feel more comfortable with each other.” – Secondary Student

Thanks to everyone for such a great Challenge Day!

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