The School:

Barnet-based Holly Park Primary School is in its fourth year of working with Enabling Enterprise. Previously, students have been busy developing a set of eight Essential Skills by taking on a broad range of Lesson-Time Projects in their classroom but also by completing a series of exciting enterprise Challenge Days. For example, they’ve launched their own greetings card companies from scratch, investigated a mysterious crime scene on their school premises, and they’ve also designed a a variety of video games based on their school – each time in one single day!
Today’s trip was a fantastic opportunity for students from Year 5 to put their Using Imagination and Sharing Ideas skills to the test outside the classroom, with the support from professional business volunteers.

The Business:

Save the Children run world-class programmes to save children’s lives and challenge world leaders to keep to their promises to give children a brighter future. They work in more than 120 countries, including the UK. Today, volunteers Abi, Amanda, Rachel, Sharon and Toni were on hand to support the 9- and 10-year olds on a creative yet stretching challenge. Let’s find out how they got on…

The Challenge: Spread The Word

The day started off with the students finding out more about the work undertaken by Save the Children. They interviewed the volunteers to find out about their different roles, responsibilities and the Essential Skillsrequired to do their jobs. They then went on a tour of the premises, which allowed the teams to see the great variety of jobs available within a charity.
Taking on the challenge of raising awareness of the work done by Save the Children, teams were Using Imagination and Working in a Team to design an exciting mascot which incorporated what they had learned from their initial research of the charity. They needed to focus on a key message this mascot could share before they took on the roles of news anchors, correspondents and interviewees to help explain this message and the important work carried out by Save the Children.

The day culminated with the advocates Sharing Ideas in the form of an exciting News Broadcast, whilst the judges from Save the Children watched their presentations. The budding entrepreneurs were so good that they certainly made it very tricky for the adults to pick a winning team!

What they said:

  • “The children got a lot from learning about the different jobs people do and from working with adults they don’t know. They were developing confidence as well as their presenting skills. Everything went well. Today was already great so I can’t think of any suggestions for improvement!” – Deputy Head Teacher
  • “They were really interested in all the different aspects of our jobs and the different people we get involved with.” – Volunteer
  • “I can’t believe how well-behaved they were and how well they worked in their teams!” – Volunteer
  • “I liked their imagination a lot – and their enthusiasm too!” – Volunteer
  • “In every team there was at least one child that a bit shyer at the start but they still did their own thing to help the group.” – Volunteer
  • “I felt they really respected each other.” – Volunteer
  • “We know some adults here who would be more nervous than those children, doing presentations in front of an audience!” – Volunteer
  • “I think our team stayed so positive – even when we ran out of time.” – Student
  • “We put the child and our mascot in the middle of the heart to protect them.” – Student
  • “Our slogan is: ‘All children deserve the right start in life.’.” – Student

Thanks to everyone for such a great trip day!

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