The School: St Paul’s C of E Infant

Based in the village of Tongham in Surrey, St Paul’s are in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise. The school has strong ties with its local community and offers children opportunities to extend their learning both in and outside of the classroom.

Today’s challenge was a fantastic opportunity for students from Reception to Year 2 to put their Essential Skills to the test and to see if they had what it takes to become Surrey’s finest leaders and decision-makers!

The Challenge: A Day in Politics

Over the course of the day, students had the opportunity to practice their Working in a Team and Sharing Ideas skills by setting up their very own political parties. After an exciting assembly that introduced the students to the world of politics, they dived head first into their task, learning more about democracy and looking at how and why we use different voting systems.
With a sound knowledge of politics, students began setting up their own political parties. Teams were Sharing Ideas effectively about how they could work together, and Tongham’s newest politicians then had to Listen Carefully to learn more about different people they could help within their local community and, in EYFS, their own school. Using their Problem Solving skills, students decided upon who they wanted to help and why, and then thought about the best ways to support these people as they prepared their manifestos. Amongst the most creative parties’ ideas in Early Years were a vegetable garden and improvements to the school’s play equipment. In KS1, eco-friendly parties proposed more bins and recycling centres to reduce litter and pollution, whilst the Positive Party set out to make the world a happier and healthier place!

Students’ Staying Positive skills were really being put to the test throughout the day as they were asked to Lead their teams in discussions and then compromise to reach a final decision that everybody agreed upon. Finally, teams took to the ‘Hustings’ to Share their Ideas on how their party could be the most effective and classes held an exciting election to determine who’d created the most persuasive political party! With a new School Council requiring great leaders and decision-makers, St Paul’s students had already demonstrated that they were up to the task!

What they said:

  • “These skills are great and exactly what we need to be teaching them. We are going to keep working on these because they are so important.” – Teacher, Year 2
  • ” I am happy because my friends have helped me and we have worked hard together. It’s been really fun!” – Student, Reception
  • “It’s lovely to see how well they have worked together and been so supportive of each other in their teams. I have been so impressed with their teamwork and how well they have worked to solve problems together.” – Teacher, Reception
  • “They are loving this! I must admit I had my reservations before today as to how much of these concepts they would really understand but they have really got to grips with it and have made the links between what they see and do at school, and the world of politics.” – Teaching Assistant, Reception
  • “I’ve enjoyed talking in my team and making decisions. I feel like a real-life Prime Minister!” – Student, Year 1

Thanks to everyone for such a great Challenge Day!

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