The School:

Today, students from St. Mary’s Priory in Seven Sisters took part in their second Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day of the year. Students from EYFS – Year 6 were developing essential skills such as Leading and Staying Positive which can be used in school, in the playground, at home and in their exciting futures. The CEO of Smiles Cards Company outlined their challenge in assembly before students joined their teams to commence their task!

The Challenge: Greetings Card Challenge

Students explored the world of enterprise by setting up and running their own greeting cards company. Over the course of the challenge, students were Working in a Team to manage a production line and sell a new range of greetings cards in the EE shop. In particular, teams had to use their Problem Solving skills to ensure that everyone in their team had contributed to final design and creation of their new greetings cards. As the clock ticked away, teams raced to outdo their competitors, sell the most cards and generate the biggest profit. Students used their imaginations to come up with some really creative and innovative designs – a team in Early Years made cards in the shape of a flower for Mother’s Day! A team in Year 3 made a range of cards in the shape of a shirt and tie; whilst in Year 6, some teams made Easter cards covered in diamonds and glitter, in the shape of an Easter egg! In order to win over future customers, teams competed to deliver a convincing business pitch, before the final winners were decided.

What they said:

  • “There is a student in my class who usually struggles with cooperation and teamwork, but today his team chose him as the leader. It’s been a real boost to his confidence. I can see how he is making an effort to be a role model to his team.” – Year 3 Teacher
  • “It is nice to see the progress they’ve made already from their Challenge Day earlier in the year. They’re working together better. I’m sure they’ll make even more progress next time.” – Nursery Teacher
  • “We are very proud of working well as a team because we all took it in turns and made sure everyone was happy.” – Year 2 Student
  • “Our team has really improved over the day – we changed our attitude and language and made sure we were always helping each other, no matter what!” – Year 3 Student

Thanks to everyone for such a great Challenge Day!

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