The Schools:

Dollis Junior is in its second year working with Enabling Enterprise. They were joined by Wendell Park Primary who are in their fourth year working with Enabling Enterprise. Back in school, students from both schools have been busy developing their Enterprise Skills in exciting Challenge Days and Lesson-time Projects including Dollis Junior’s recent ‘Operation: Moonbase‘ and Wendell Park Primary’s ‘Level Up!Working in a Team throughout the day, today’s trip was a fantastic opportunity for Year 5 students from both schools to buddy up and put their Sharing Ideas skills to the test outside the classroom with the support from professional business volunteers.

The Business:

Save the Children run world-class programmes to save children’s lives and challenge world leaders to keep to their promises to give children a brighter future. They work in more than 120 countries, including the UK. Today’s volunteers worked in a variety of roles including UK-based programmes, social media and global roles.

The Challenge: Spread the Word

The day started off with the students finding out more about the work undertaken by Save the Children. They interviewed the volunteers to find out about their different roles, responsibilities and the Enterprise Skills required to do their jobs, then went on a tour of the premises, which allowed the teams to see the great variety of jobs available within a charity.
Taking on the challenge of raising awareness of the work done by Save the Children, teams were Using Imagination and Working in a Team to design an exciting mascot which incorporated what they had learned from their initial research of the charity. They needed to focus on a key message this mascot could share before they took on the roles of news anchors, correspondents and interviewees to help explain this message and the important work carried out by Save the Children.

The day culminated with the advocates Sharing Ideas in the form of an exciting News Broadcast, whilst the judges watched their presentations.

What they said:

  • “It is always a pleasure to see them working with different people and having these important experiences.” – Teacher
  • “We were very impressed with how professional you were in your broadcast – I’d employ you now!” – Volunteer
  • “I’m not really sure what job I want in the future but it would be fun to work somewhere like this.” – Student
  • “We worked well together by making sure everyone had the chance to speak and then we combined our ideas to make something even better than on our own.” – Student

Thanks to everyone for such a great trip day!

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us or visiting

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