The School: Claremont Primary School

In their 4th year working with Enabling Enterprise, the children of Claremont Primary School in Manchester are well used to challenges which test their Enterprise Skills. Recently, back at school, students have been taking part in a ‘Future Transport‘ Challenge Day. Today was a chance to flex their enterprise muscles in a tricky construction challenge with one of the North West’s favourite housing developers.

The Business: Lovell, Altrincham

Founded in 1972 in Swindon, Lovell is a leading construction company building affordable homes in the UK. The company employs 1400 staff across 6 UK regions. Today’s venue, Lovell’s Altrincham office. Overseeing projects across the North West of England and North Wales, today’s volunteers supported the students using their knowledge and expertise to guide them through their task.

The Challenge: Decisive Developers

Exploring the world of housing development, the students started the day by finding out all about Lovell, their employees and how they use the Challenge Skills in their day-to-day work before diving head first into their own redevelopment challenge. Using their Problem Solving skills, the teams first decided on the right site on which to build, listened to the views of the local residents and chose features of their building which would help improve the local community and protect the environment. Their final task was to build a scale model of their new residential tower using limited resources and Staying Positive as further challenges presented themselves.

The Results:

Listening Carefully and Sharing Ideas were tested as the teams stood to present their creations to the panel of Lovell judges. Speaking clearly and with smiles on their faces, each student took their turn to persuade the panel that their project and company was the one to choose.

What they said:

  • “Every teacher should see one of these days. It’s great to see the kids so engaged.” – Teacher, Claremont Primary School
  • “The Children were great. I’ve never seen a more attentive group. Taking notes and paying attention to every word, they worked together amazingly and clearly enjoyed every minute.” – Volunteer, Lovell
  • “I was really proud of the year 3 and 4s in our group. I thought they would be quiet but they did loads of stuff and we helped them out.” – Student
  • “I didn’t know you could do half these jobs!” – Student

Thanks to Lovell for such a great trip day, and to Years 3 to 6 from Claremont Primary School for coming along.

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