The School:

Wheelers Lane Primary School in Kings Heath Birmingham is in its fourth year of working with Enabling Enterprise. The students and staff are as keen as ever this academic year to develop their essential Enterprise Skills both in school and on visits out to top employers across the Midlands such as Aston University, The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce or Hogarth’s in Sollihull. The whole school has also completed a range of Lesson-Time Projects over the years, as well as Challenge Days such as Operation: Moonbase, where they planned to set up a brand new human colony from scratch on a distant planet, or A Day in Politics, where students formed their very own political parties to solve problems for our society. Today’s challenge was a fantastic opportunity for students from Year 1 through to Year 6 to put their Enterprise Skills to the test once more with gusto, this time honing in on Working in a Team and Problem Solving. Let’s find out how they got on…

The Crime Scene Challenge

It was not the usual start of the day at Wheelers Lane – a crime had been committed and no fewer than three crime scenes had to be secured by the EE detectives in the early hours of the morning – in the library, in the hall, and in their Forest Classroom.

Over the course of the day, the students worked in teams as police investigators to solve the case of the ‘Sugar Snatcher.’ Following police procedures such as fingerprint analysis and evaluating evidence at the crime scene itself, the students were able to put their Problem Solving skills to the test to help them build a convincing case and identify the prime suspect. Continuing to practise their Working in a Team skills, it was then time to present their case to the Case Officer.

The day culminated in a shock confession from one of the suspects. Still, the aspiring detectives walked away from the challenge with the pride that they had stretched their essential skills one step further on this investigation. After working so hard on the case, their half-term break was well-deserved. Case closed!

What they said:

  • “The timings for this are perfect – it’s working out really well for them, they’re really into it!” – Teacher
  • “I’ve liked the pace – it’s kept my class focused and their teamwork today has impressed me!” – Teacher
  • “We think it’s all of them who have done it together because we have found even more clues now.” – Student
  • “At first we didn’t really work well together, but then we started to listen to each other and after that we really felt like we were a strong team.” – Student
  • “We are developing our theories as to what has happened – we’ve been sharing ideas and showing great teamwork.” – Student
  • “We’ve needed to stay positive in our team as we couldn’t all agree to begin with, but we’ve stayed together as a team and it’s been fun!” – Student

Thanks to everyone for such a great Challenge Day!

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