The School:

Newport School has been working with Enabling Enterprise for several years. Back in school, students have been busy developing their Enterprise Skills through lesson-time projects and most recently on their ‘Operation: Moonbase‘ Challenge Day. Today’s trip was a fantastic opportunity for students from Year 5 to put their Listening Carefully, Sharing Ideas and Problem Solving skills to the test with the support from Westfield employees.

The Business:

Westfield Corporation is one of the world’s leading shopping centre companies with iconic retail destinations in London, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles among its portfolio of 40 centres. The Newport students were lucky enough to be joined today by 5 different volunteers from Westfield Stratford City.

The Challenge: Superior Service

The day started off with the students listening to Simon to find out about Westfield and the different jobs you can do there. The Newport students then went on a tour of the Westfield shopping centre, including the back of house where they saw the security camera control centre and met one of the sniffer dogs that keeps everyone safe.
Taking on the role of Customer Service Assistants, the Year 5 students were challenged to apply their Problem Solving skills to ensure customer experiences were positive and customer satisfaction remained high by Listening Carefully.

The day culminated in student Customer Service Teams presenting their work, putting their Sharing Ideas skills to use in demonstrating their understanding of customer service.

What they said:

  • “I’m so proud of you all and to see how much you’ve grown in these skills over the last couple of hours, it makes me so excited for what you’re going to go on and do as you can do anything if you’re great at these skills!” – Teacher
  • “This trip is great because it’s Westfield which they know but they get to see what jobs they could do here, it’s real life.” – Parent
  • “Part of my job is to enthuse people about what we do. Today is a great way to share it with young children and the wider community.” – Volunteer
  • “We think the most important skill is working in a team because if we don’t work as a team no work will get done.” – Student

Thanks to everyone for such a great trip day!

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