The School:

Sohar International School is in their first year working with Enabling Enterprise. They have shown their commitment to ensuring all of their students learn and develop a set of eight essential Enterprise Skills by initiating a new Enterprise Hour into the weekly timetable. To launch the programme, all classes thought about how to work well in a team and what an effective leader looks like. They then began their first 10-week challenge – a fantastic opportunity for both Junior and Senior students to put their Enterprise Skills to the test and make a real impact.

The Project: Going Green

In this project, students work to raise awareness of ‘green’ issues in their school. They do this by Working in a Team and Problem Solving through a series of lessons. Initially, they learn about the environment and what it means to be eco-friendly. As time progresses, they take charge of an environmental issue and use the skill of Aiming High to set targets for improvement and implement these.

After doing a study, Sohar found that it does not have a recycling plant and schools in Oman do not recycle. This was therefore the environmental issue that teams chose to address. Omar from WM Waste Management Company became involved and offered to donate recycling bins and his services with one final outcome of this project making Sohar the only school in their city to recycle. By working through this project and the process of making real change happen, teachers saw rapid growth in the children’s confidence, leadership capabilities and decision-making skills. What a fantastic experience for all involved!

What they found:

  • “This project did not just raise awareness with our students, but impacted the whole community. We did not see this coming. After a week or two of running this Going Green campaign, we received messages from parents giving advice and assistance to help our school and community recycle.

    This project was very beneficial for our teaching staff. EE has developed our staff’s teaching style, especially around project-based learning, and enriched our teachers to be more effective in their other subjects.

    After running this project, I saw that not only did the children benefit from group-based work, but our teachers were equipped to perform better.” – EE champion

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. If you would like to get involved as an International School, please find out more about our programmes by clicking here or by emailing us here.

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