The School: Kenmont Primary School

Kenmont Primary School has worked in partnership with Enabling Enterprise for 4 years, working to develop their key enterprise skills through Lesson Time Projects, Challenge Days and Business Trips. The Year 4 students who took part in today’s trip have been developing essential skills such as Working in a Team, Staying Positive and Sharing Ideas since Year 1 and it was very clear to see that the skills development has been in place for a few years.

The Business: IBM, London

IBM is one of the most famous information technology companies in the world. It now focuses on generating innovative solutions for business problems far more than on producing hardware. It was brilliant to be joined by employees Ashleigh, Amy, Ellie, Simona and Andreea.

The Challenge: Tech-Xperts!

After learning all about IBM, their product and clients, the teams interviewed the volunteers to find out more about their jobs, what skills they use and why they chose to work at IBM. Following this the students went to visit Dean at the Guest Relations area, visiting the different meeting rooms and gathering insight into how IBM work with their clients, including Video calling and training rooms.
The teams were then set the Problem Solving challenge from the employees of IBM. How can a new app help to support the employees to communicate with each other better? After some market research and exciting team meetings where teams were Sharing Ideas to try and find the best solution.
Teams worked brilliantly together to come up with creative ideas and designed logos, home screen and app store screens.

The Results:

The day wrapped up with an array of fantastic presentations. We were so impressed with how well each student and their team organised themselves, thought carefully about the content and presented with such confidence. It was clear that these students had been developing their enterprise skills since Year 1!
After the persuasive pitches, the judges decided which of the creative app ideas they liked best. The winners were the ‘Hacking Heroes’ with their thoughtful translator app!

What they said:

  • “It’s been so fantastic to see how successful they have all been at working in a team, including everyone and taking on lots of different jobs.” – Teacher, Kenmont Primary
  • “It’s so important for children of their age to learn about technology for the future as by the time they are adults it will have changed again! We’ve all been impressed with their confidence when interacting with us especially as they haven’t met us before.” – Volunteer, IBM
  • “One skill our team used best today was working in a team, we used this when delegating roles this helped us get our jobs done really quickly.” – Angus Y4 student, Kenmont Primary School
  • “We used problem solving when everyone in the team all wanted to do the same job; colouring in, so solved it by splitting up the task so everyone could do a bit each.” – Student from Team Kenmont Hackers, Kenmont Primary School

Thanks to IBM for such a great trip day, and to Year 4 from Kenmont Primary for coming along.

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