The School:

Audley Primary School are in their 6th year of working with Enabling Enterprise and continue to make skill development a priority. In school recently, students have had the chance to take part in different lesson time projects and challenge days, including the investigation of a mysterious Crime Scene. Today’s trip was a fantastic opportunity for pupils from Year 3 classes to put their Using Imagination and Problem Solving skills to the test with the help and support from our professional business volunteer.

The Business:

Birmingham Airport offers both domestic flights within the UK and international flights to destinations in Europe, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, North America and the Caribbean. The airport’s Learning Hub offers pupils a unique and exciting learning environment where the airport runways and associated activities can be viewed.

The Challenge: High Flyers

The day started off with the pupils interviewing Andy Holding, Community Affairs Manager at the Airport, to find out about the role, responsibilities and the Enterprise Skills required to do his job. Opportunities to view the planes taking off and landing and the run way crews in action, as well as tour of the airport, allowed the teams to see the huge variety of jobs available in the world of travel and aviation. The opportunity to speak to a pilot, an airport police officer and hear about and see other employees using their skills as they went about their jobs proved fascinating for the teams – all demonstrating excellent Listening Carefully skills.
When the challenge to become a marketing team to re-brand a failing airline was introduced to the 7 and 8 year olds, they were quick to set to work. Teams first decided on a new target market for the airline and then applied their Problem Solving and Using Imagination skills to design a new logo and slogan for the airline to attract many new customers.

The day culminated in teams pitching their ideas to our judge in the hope that they could persuade them that their new airline brand was simply the best and that they really were ‘high fliers!’.

What they said:

  • “The children were engaged throughout the day. It was wonderful to see them actively apply their Enterprise Skills so well in each of the tasks they were set.” – Teacher, Audley Primary School
  • “Another super day with Enabling Enterprise. The children from Audley were a delight. They really demonstrated the skills required here at the airport – whatever the job and I am so pleased they clearly enjoyed themselves. The future is bright for them all!” – Volunteer, Birmingham Airport.
  • “This is my best day ever – I want to be a police officer here at the airport; I’d listen really carefully to help people.” – Year 3 Student, Audley Primary School
  • “I am so proud of this Year 3 group – they really have risen to the challenge today and show a good understanding of the essential skills already. It’s great to be able to bring them out on these Enabling Enterprise workplace visits.” – Teacher, Audley Primary School
  • “I feel great that we came to the Airport. I loved being nosey on the tour and that we got to speak to the pilot of the massive plane we saw land. He told us teamwork and problem solving were important skills for his job.” – Year 3 Student, Audley Primary School

Thanks to everyone for such a great trip day!

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