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Based in the Slough area, Priory School in Burnham are passionate about developing their students’ enterprise skills. This year, they are in the process of developing their curriculum further to ensure students are given a wide range of experiences and opportunities to develop essential skills such as Using Imagination and Working in a Team. In particular, the school uses the Challenge Days to bring its students together, united by the challenges they face and pooling their considerable skills to work together. Most recently, they have formed successful Greetings Card companies and worked together to solve the case of The Sugar Snatcher!

Today’s challenge was a fantastic opportunity for all students across the school from EYFS to Year 6 to put their Enterprise Skills such as Problem-Solving and Staying Positive to the test!

The Challenge: Future Transport

Over the course of the day, students were Working in a Team to research, design, build and test a new form of transport for the future. They had been set the challenge by Ronnie the Robot, who’d travelled back in time to explain what the world looks and feels like many years in the future. Teams applied their Problem Solving and Staying Positive skills through a series of challenges designed to put their skills to the test.

In Reception and Year 1, Slough’s newest transport designers thought how they could adapt their transport ideas to ensure specific people’s needs were met. Whether it was helping an ogre to navigate his swamp, a mermaid to reach the shore or a wizard to scale an icy mountain, students were Staying Positive as they explored the environments and found out more about the challenges each character faces. They were also asked to use their Problem Solving skills to fix problems with vehicles and help friends out of bother!

Across the school, teams were Using their Imagination brilliantly to conjure up new ideas for futuristic transport that included retractable wings, a track-laying mechanism to allow rail transport wherever you go, all-inclusive hospitality and transport capsules and even edible vehicle parts!

At the end of the day, students tested each other’s prototypes and pitched their designs by Sharing Ideas in front of the class in a series of professional presentations, with teams Listening Carefully to share in the incredible imagination!

What they said:

  • “Today has been fun and creative. We’re aiming high by working in a team even better than we did last time.” – Y3 Student
  • “It’s been a very interesting day. Children I wasn’t expecting to work well together have really risen to the challenge.” – Y2 Teacher
  • “They have loved taking ownership of their designs and have produced some outstanding work. It’s been really well structured so that even the less confident children have been able to have their say and make important contributions to their group.” – Teacher, Reception
  • “I took my inspiration for the heating and cooling parts of our vehicle from our house in India as we have 3 AC units there and the temperature is just right!” – Y4 Student

Thanks to everyone for such a great Challenge Day!

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