The School: De Lacy Academy

This is the first year De Lacy Academy have worked with Enabling Enterprise, offering all of their Key Stage Three unique enterprise experiences that prepare them for the choices they will make at the end of Key Stage 4. The students from Year 7 through to Year 9 have each been given the opportunity to be involved in a Challenge Day, starting with ‘Business in a Day’ in Year 9, moving to ‘Operation: Moonbase’ in Year 8 and, finally, ‘Law in Action’ in Year 7. To celebrate the success of the Challenge Days, 16 students from each year group will be given a winning place to attend a business trip and represent their academy in another fast-paced challenge.

The Challenge: Business in a Day

Business in a Day tests the students’ abilities at Aiming High, Being Creative and Sharing Ideas from the outset as they are expected to quickly assign themselves roles based upon the qualities of their personalities and think of a merchandise idea for a specific event. The teams steadily eased into their groups but by the point of designing and creating their prototypes the sense of Working in a Team, Problem Solving and Listening and Understanding each other’s ideas was well established, as proven by some very unique and entertaining models fit for a variety of markets and events. For a number of teams, the quality of the models and the level of detail and construction was remarkable and became a feast for the eyes for anyone having the privilege of moving from room to room. The teams clearly welcomed the new experience as they showcased their ability to be very creative and work towards a common goal under very tight time restrictions. And, as the prototype phase drew to a close, all groups were ready to begin preparing their pitches to determine who would be the winning team in their class.

The Results:

The contrast between the students in the opening assembly to those that entered with pride and zeal for the celebration assembly at the end of the day was undeniable. As shown from the prototypes that were brought to the assembly and the students’ reflections over their surprise at how well they have brought the tasks together as a team and managed to stay positive with very little time, it was evident that the groups had awakened to the potential they have to succeed in any of the enterprise skills. Particular teacher reflections showed a true enjoyment in watching the students invest themselves in their teams and in the desire to create something that made them proud. As the winning 16 students, who had consistently demonstrated the enterprise skills across the day, were announced, it was remarked that the day had witnessed not only 16 winners but an entire year group’s success in taking on a challenge day and meeting the enterprise skills head on. Well done, Year 9!

What they said:

  • ”We have shown creativity and teamwork by listening to each other’s ideas and creating prototypes that we are proud of.” – Student, Year 9
  • “The students did well. Watching them change from the start of the day to their willingness to present what they had created and be proud of it, was fantastic to see.” – Enterprise Coordinator and Teacher

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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