The School: Little Ealing

Little Ealing Primary have been working with Enabling Enterprise for four years to develop eight core enterprise skills in their students. This year they have been doing this through Lesson-Time Projects as well as trips out to top employers such as the University of West London to take on enterprise challenges. Today the whole school would be off curriculum all day to take on the fantastic designing and engineering Future Transport Challenge Day.

The Challenge: Future Transport

The day started with an assembly where students were introduced to the concept of transport and the different methods we currently use. Then Ronnie the Robot, our friend from the future informed them that these types of transport won’t work in the difficult and varied environments that exist in a thousand years’ time. Students then spent the morning analysing transport, Using Imagination to design their very own ‘Future Transport’. They had to think about its appearance, size and how well it adapts to the different environments, all whilst sticking to a strict budget.

The Results:

Students across the whole school showed excellent teamwork by taking turns, especially practicing the skill of Listening Carefully to each other and ensuring they all took responsibility for their tasks. It was amazing to see how students in all year groups kept refining their ideas the more they talked through their designs with their team members. Their ideas fused creativity with proactivity and resulted in some excellent concepts and designs. There was a range of hybrid vehicles, including lots of flying cars with special features to combat the specific threats of future environments. Their confidence and resilience showed itself very well in the presentations launched at the end of the day, where children discussed their challenges and successes and use of top enterprise skills.

What they said:

  • “The presentations that we had pulled together today’s great skills in Problem Solving and creativity” – Teacher, Year 6
  • “I love EE challenges because they get you working together and make new friends” – Student, Year 5

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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