The School: Ash Green School

Ash Green embarked upon their first Enabling Enterprise programme at the start of this year, opting for a Whole-School Programme that entails six Challenge Days, 75 trip places to our West Midlands’ employer partners and a significant number of lesson-time projects. Such a size of programme has enabled many students to be offered more than one enterprise experience, thus beginning to cement the meaning of the core enterprise skills and the development of them across the year.

The Challenge: A Day in Politics

The day opened with an assembly that brought together all of Year 9 for their first task of Enterprise Education. Split into six classes, the students had to quickly exercise their teamwork skills. They formed team names and engaged in a quiz that tested their Listening and Understanding and Presenting skills, as well as their political knowledge. The skills of Problem Solving and Staying Positive followed soon after as the teams debated for or against a specific motion and began exploring detailed policies on the most pressing issues in society before deciding upon the most crucial ones for their newly formed political parties. For the students keen to showcase Aiming High when Being Creative, the need to promote their party’s political image by creating promotional material was a particular highlight. As the teams broke for lunch, the political parties’ policies and image were set, ready to embark upon an afternoon of Leading, Presenting and Working in a Team as they began their inspiring, yet testing, hustings.

The Results:

The hustings were every bit the challenge and excitement they promised to be with each political party clear in their vision and aims and Presenting with passion about the necessity of their policies. With such promise, the parties each offered something different and created a challenge around who should receive the vote. As the hustings concluded and the voting commenced, it was evident that the Year 9 students had found a political voice and a desire to sway their public. Whilst the votes were being calculated, reflections around the improvement of the students Presenting, Problem Solving and Working in a Team skills concluded that the students had certainly come on a journey, developing their Enterprise Skills, over the course of their Day in Politics.

What they said:

  • “Days like these offer something different and are so important to the students’ development.” – Vice Principle

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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