The School: West Hill Primary School

West Hill Primary, now in their sixth year working with Enabling Enterprise, are passionate about preparing their students for the real world and ensuring they aspire to do great things through their work in the school and on business trips. Having spent the whole of last week focusing on Enabling Enterprise Lesson Time Projects such as Trash to Treasure and Active Minds, we could not wait to arrive at the school to stretch their skills to the max.

The Challenge: Level Up!

All eight of the enterprise skills were required for students to successfully complete the many stages in developing a new platform computer game. They began the day researching West Hill’s values and places within the school that would become the setting and theme of their game. Tasked with designing not only the game’s map but also their game’s characters, obstacles and objects, Using Imagination skills effectively as a group was going to be vital to success. Once their game worlds were complete, the teams were introduced to coding, the logical way computers think and the way humans solve problems to communicate with them before precisely engineering how to control their own character. It was then time for the students to become Sales Representatives and show off their ideas in a final presentation to their class at the EE Game Expo!

The Results:

The fast pace of the day meant that Staying Positive was fundamental to students’ success. Many of the teams proudly overcame differences in opinion to create a game which truly combined the ideas of the entire team and represented West Hill’s values strongly. The EE Game Expo, which culminated the day, offered the teams a chance to showcase their games. Above all, it also gave students the opportunity to reflect upon and demonstrate the remarkable strides in understanding enterprise education that were made not only today but throughout the year.

What they said:

  • “It was great to see the progression during enterprise week and now this… It really proves that practical skills can be taught.” – Teacher, Year 4
  • “I have to make the best possible effort for my team.” – Student, Year 2
  • “From the presentations, it was clear to see the level of knowledge and enthusiasm you have brought to your task and I have been really impressed by how well you have brought all your ideas together to create something you can all be proud of.” – Teacher, Year 6
  • “We are really happy with how well with worked as a team because we argued at the start and then we realised we needed to work together, so we started to listen to each other and help our friends to do their jobs.” – Student, Year 1

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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