The School: President Kennedy Community School

President Kennedy School (PKS) in Coventry, working with Enabling Enterprise for 3 years now, are always keen to provide their students with an opportunity to learn and experience enterprise education. This year they have taken part in employer visits to businesses such as Aston University and IBM. Today saw a group of year 8 students embark on their very first Enterprise Challenge Day.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

Planet Earth has reached a critical point with issues such as overcrowding and pollution calling for a change. Luckily, PKS students were future-focused in establishing a new society on the distant moon of Utopia which humans could move to. They applied their Problem Solving skills to choose an ideal space crew and Used Imagination to design a new species of animal before applying their highest standard of Working in a Team to plan and build an entire new city from scratch.

The Results:

Working to tight deadlines throughout the challenge, students thought carefully about how to delegate tasks so that everyone in their team contributed to the best of their abilities. Working in a Team so effectively and Listening Carefullyto each other, the teams were able to undertake the challenge with great enthusiasm. At the end of the challenge, teams worked seamlessly together to rehearse and confidently present a series of persuasive, articulate pitches, convincing their peers and teachers that their plan for a new society was the best in the solar system!

What they said:

  • “It was fantastic to see how the students teamworking skills developed through the challenge day and to witness such articulate and well throughout presentations at the conclusion was a delight!” – Helen Petak, Head of Enterprise Education at PKS Community School
  • ” Our team really began to work well together through the day and I really enjoyed being able to design a new society.” – Year 8 Student, PKS Community School

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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