The School: Brimsdown Primary School

Enfield-based Brimsdown Primary School may be in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise but their students have already impressed teachers and EE staff alike with their enterprise skills. So far this year they have completed a successful ‘Day in Politics’, creating political parties from scratch, and they have also been working on a range of Lesson-Time Projects such as ‘Number Crunching’, designing a range of unique chocolate bars.

The Business: Metaswitch, London

Metaswitch is a UK-based company with offices all over the world. They write software that talks to phones and computers across the Internet. They serve more than 1,000 network operators and suppliers around the world, solving complex communication issues for large organisations. Employees at Metaswitch have a wide range of jobs for students to learn about, from customer account management to HR to highly technical development. Today volunteers Max, Christine, Mark, Steven and Alex were on hand to help the budding entrepreneurs hone in on Problem Solving and Sharing Ideas. Lets’ find out how they did.

The Challenge: Tech-xperts

The day started with an introduction about what Metaswitch do, with a chance for the Year 4 students to grill Mark and Christine with questions about their jobs and the skills they use as part of their role at Metaswitch. The 9-year olds were split into six creative tech teams, ready to become app developers for the day. First they had a chance to do some market research by looking around the offices to find out more about the work that goes on at Metaswitch. Thanks to Alex, teams even got a chance to test out the technology already created and used by the business. The goal for Brimsdown’s teams was to solve a communication-related problem with a new app they would design from scratch. Once they had decided on a solution, the teams began their paper prototyping, drawing out logos and developing a couple of special functions too.

The Results:

Creating apps ranging from multi-translational functions to nifty features overriding internet connectivity issues, the teams were Problem Solving and Working in a Team so effectively that the scoreboard filled up rapidly with points for the enterprise skills on show. They ensured their ideas included suggestions from everybody in their team, preparing not only their informative screenshot sketches of what their app would look like in action, but also putting together some professional presentations to show off their project. Judges Christine, Mark and Steven were impressed with each team and had nothing but praise for the aspiring developers. When it came to picking a winning team they decided to go for those who came across not only as the most convincing but also the most inclusive as they came up with a range of incorporated sign languages from around the world – what a fantastic idea!

What they said:

  • “Children were engaged and excited about the activity, and the pace of the day was good. I think they gained some insight into the world of technology and where their apps come from, especially the work that goes into creating and working within the digital world.” – Teacher, Brimsdown Primary
  • “We loved the amount of detail in your presentation and the fact that there was more layers to it. You were also very confident, speaking clearly without notes, so very well done for that!” – Steven, Metaswitch
  • “Overall I’ve got nothing but good feedback. I was really impressed – the children were great, they were well-behaved and everyone knew what they were doing. It was great!” – Max, Metaswitch
  • “We combined our personalities to make sure we came up with the best possible ideas for our app.” – Student, Brimsdown Primary

Thanks to Metaswitch for such a fantastic trip day, and to Year 4 from Brimsdown Primary School for coming along.

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