The Schools: Medina Primary School, St John the Baptist C of E Primary School and Copnor Primary School

These 3 primary schools are located in and around Portsmouth and were excited to take up this exclusive opportunity to take part in an Enabling Enterprise business trip competition! Today offered a fantastic chance for the students from Years 4, 5 and 6 to come face-to-face with children from other schools and have a first go at testing their enterprise skills, such as Working in a Team, Problem Solving and Sharing Ideas as well as giving them a chance to learn about construction from their Portsmouth employer PMC.

The Business: PMC, Portsmouth

Founded in 1982, PMC are a family-run building contractor based in the South of England. They are currently engaged in several medium-sized projects around Portsmouth, one of which involves a contract on behalf of Portsmouth City Council, who hosted today’s challenge, to build a series of affordable homes and to redevelop their surrounding residential area. Students today worked with a fantastic team of employee volunteers from PMC and Portsmouth City Council, and the teams got to go on a walking tour of an active construction site to see the work that goes into making attractive family-friendly homes.

The Challenge: Brilliant Builds

Children today were introduced to the area of Bogsby and the derelict brownfield site that sits in the centre of the community. The challenge was to redevelop this land and create a space that would benefit the local people and the environment. Before Sharing Ideas and deciding on what they were going to construct, teams needed to Listen Carefully to the needs of the people of Bogsby and ensure that the new development was environmentally friendly. After building a scale model of their planned development, the teams ended the day by pitching their ideas and justifying their decisions to our panel of construction judges.

The Results:

The competitive spirit was strong today as students aimed to collect Enterprise Points based on their enthusiasm and use of key skills such as Problem Solving and Listening Carefully. Coming up with solutions to the Bogsby residents’ issues required thinking hard about how redevelopment can be made personable and accommodating. However, this process was complicated as budget restraints meant only three buildings could be built, requiring tough decisions to be made about priorities in residents’ needs, as well as forward-thinking ideas about making buildings adaptable to several functions to accommodate multiple residents’ needs.

By Problem Solving and Working in a Team effectively, students were able to come up with a wide range of solutions to improve Bogsby and ensure the residents were happy! After a busy hour of building which saw students directing the help of their volunteer’s hands and expertise, each team had completed a unique model of how they thought the town should be redeveloped. The day culminated with a fantastic set of presentations from children to PMC volunteer judges, who quizzed students about their designs and skills. To recognise the excellent development of skills across the day, students from St John the Baptist’s were awarded the Working in a Team award for their patience and support, Copnor Primary students claimed the Using Imagination award for the inventive development solutions they engineered and Medina Primary students got the Sharing Ideas award for their top communication skills and were awarded overall winners of the day!

What they said:

  • “It’s been a fantastic opportunity for them and they’ve absolutely loved it” – Teaching Assistant, Copnor Primary School
  • “We were so impressed with the respect shown by teammates to each other and how students encouraged positive Sharing of Ideas.” – Volunteer, PMC Construction
  • “We used our Problem Solving skills to combine different buildings into one idea that wouldn’t be tricky to construct and would revitalise the town” – Student, Medina Primary School

Thanks to PMC Portsmouth for such a great trip day, and to Years 3, 4 and 5 from Medina Primary School, St John the Baptist C of E Primary School and Copnor Primary School for bringing their A game.

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