The School: Guru Nanak Sikh Academy

Guru Nanak Sikh Academy, in the Hayes area of the London Borough of Hillingdon, is a mixed Sikh all-through school and sixth form. They are in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise and teachers are passionate about developing students’ Being Creative and Problem Solving skills through collaborative team projects that raise aspirations. Earlier this year, students from Years 6 and 7 travelled to top Management Consultancy firm Oliver Wyman to test their skills in the world of consultancy.

Today, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 were undertaking a range of challenges to further stretch their enterprise skills, as form groups competed against one another for House Points!

The Year 7 Challenge: Operation: Moonbase

Year 7 students were tasked with a challenge that truly was out of this world! Having discovered Utopia, a new moon in a distant galaxy, the UN asked the newly-appointed developers to design a brand new society, complete with 3D models for the city. To start, the teams’ Problem Solving skills were stretched as they needed to make quick decisions on who to take as part of their crew based on their CVs and footage from their interviews. They also took on the role of designers, Being Creative to devise brand new species of animals to provide a host of benefits to Utopians. Once teams decided on how best to spend their building budget, construction began on 3D maps. The day ended with an Intergalactic Trade Fair where students really impressed with their enthusiastic pitches and professional presentations.

The Year 8 Challenge: A Day in Politics

The Year 8 students had the chance to set up and run their own parties in a hotly-contested and impassioned day of politics. In the morning, students were put into teams and showed incredible levels of insight as they presented well-reasoned and thought-provoking arguments during the class debates. The students really impressed their tutors with their creative arguments and excellent Presenting skills. Next, they had to come up with their own political policies, focusing particularly on local issues, before then using their Teamwork and Aiming High to design eye-catching branding for their political party.

The Year 9 Challenge: Social Entrepreneur

After exploring the concept of a social enterprise, the Year 9 teams engaged in thoughtful discussion about the groups in society they wanted to help, be it elderly people with disabilities or the homeless. They then started analysing the problems each group faced. Coming up with a great idea to support the community as well as making some money was no easy task, but students and teachers alike used their Staying Positive
skills and worked collaboratively to come up with some innovative ideas. Ideas for social enterprises included ‘Pension Pals’ to support retired and elderly residents, a restaurant for the homeless and unemployed to develop skills, and ‘The Growth Farm’, a sustainable model for agricultural enterprise.

The Results:

Form tutors and EE staff alike were hugely impressed by the application and dedication shown throughout the day by all the year groups. What particularly shone through was the students’ creativity in their ideas and the ability to share these with teammates and the rest of the class to facilitate further development.

At the end of a fast-paced day of high-quality enterprise, the form acknowledged the efforts of their students had made and commented on the remarkable skills progression they had seen through the day.

Everyone was a winner at today’s Triple Challenge Day!

What they said:

  • “We’ve had to use our problem-solving skills, which I really enjoy and am quite confident to do. I then realised that I would be well-suited to jobs in technology and the police, maybe even both… I would never have thought about working in either of these before today!” – Student, Year 7
  • “These have been essential lessons for these students, especially with them going into GCSEs next year.” – Teacher, Year 9
  • “I’m not normally very good at coming up with new ideas but it helps working in a team, as other people can give you ideas to use too” – Student, Year 8
  • “I was a bit nervous about the day this morning but the students have been really engaged and so enthusiastic that it’s been such good fun to teach!” – Teacher, Year 7

Well done to all involved in this great day of enterprise!

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