The School: Heartlands Academy

Heartlands Academy, in Birmingham, has been partnering with Enabling Enterprise to develop the enterprise skills of its students since 2011. This challenge was completed by teams of Year 8 students, some of whom visited PwC Birmingham with EE in January.

The Challenge: A Day in Politics

Following an impressive display of knowledge on British politics early in the day and thoughtful analysis of existing party’s policies, each team set up their own political party. The students worked together to develop five policies for their party and devise its branding. They then prepared promotional material for the hustings. Each team presented their party and its policies to visiting members of other teams, with the aim of persuading their peers to vote for them. After the hustings, all of the students voted.

The Results:

From the analysis and creation of their own policies, the students applied their Problem Solving skills brilliantly to challenging issues faced by British people. They also were very creative, devising fantastic branding and promotional materials from their given resources. The hustings revealed passionate politicians that spoke eloquently and convincingly about the issues they endeavoured to address with their policies. Most importantly, all of the team members supported each other really well throughout the day, with contributions being offered and valued by all.

What they said:

  • “I think this is brilliant. It’s so important to increase young people’s understanding of politics. There is nothing like this in the curriculum. And they’re all really engaged and enjoying it!” – Teacher
  • “Though our teamwork and leadership skills have been really important today, I think our team have excelled at staying positive. We had lots of ideas for policies for our party, and couldn’t agree which to include in our manifesto. We held a vote to decide, and instead of continuing to argue, the two of us that lost decided to stay positive, move on and support the team’s decision.” – Student, Year 8

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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