The School: Queen’s Park High School

Queen’s Park High School in Chester is working with Enabling Enterprise for the first time this year with the support of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Following on from the previous successful Challenge Day it was now the turn of Key Stage 3 to be the Leading lights and to have the opportunity to show their skills as their Enrichment Week kicked off with Business in a Day. The pupils worked together as forms in a bid to win as many points as they could for their house. The points from today will roll over to their next Challenge Day, just two days away. There was everything to pay for as the day got off to an exciting start.

The Challenge: Business in a Day

Today’s challenge called on the pupils to use all their enterprise skills. Working in a Team and Aiming High, the pupils had to come together to design and promote innovative merchandise that would catch the eye of their target market. It was essential that they were Listening and Understanding as they analysed the data from the market research but on this action packed day Being Creative was soon the order of the day as they worked together to make a prototype of their merchandise. It was fantastic to see and hear the students thinking critically, Problem Solving and Aiming High to ensure they were meeting all the demands of the task.

The Results:

The pupils did themselves proud when it came to the final presentations: it was their opportunity to prove that their Presenting skills were second to none and that they were adept at Staying Positive, even when they were up against the clock. Their ideas were truly fantastic and along with a wide array of colourful and eye catching t-shirts and wrist bands, there were disco cups and water-fillable weights. What was even more impressive was the pupils’ ability to reflect on how they had develop their skills during the day. By the end everyone was excited to see what the next Challenge Day would bring!

What they said:

  • “It’s been great to see them take part in this today, students who often struggle in class all day have thrown themselves into it.” – Teacher, Year 8
  • “I really wasn’t sure when heard about today in the assembly, I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it but it’s been great. I’m really proud of what we produced and the way we worked together. And my team won!” – Student, Year 7

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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