The School: Kenmont Primary

Kenmont Primary School, based in Hammersmith, have been working with Enabling Enterprise for 4 years. The school is very committed to developing core transferrable skills and helping children to become resilient, aspirational and creative individuals. They have previously completed the ‘Day in Politics’ and ‘Crime Scene’ Challenge Days, and students from across the school have attended trips at top London employers including London Business School and Oliver Wyman

The Challenge: Future Transport

A special assembly kicked off the day at Kenmont Primary. The students were introduced to Ronnie, a robot who had travelled back from the year 3030 and was on the hunt for transport designers for the future! They were informed that the year 3030 looks very different, with environments that the current transport of 2017 is not suitable for. Ice cities, expansive deserts, over-crowded urban areas and dangerous jungles: all require new forms of transport for the generations of the future. The students quickly worked together in their teams to analyse the future environments and think about what made transport specialised, and how the various modern transports would fall short in handling the future environments. Children then agreed on one excellent transport design per team using elements of each of their individual designs, before taking on building roles to construct a porotype of their idea from crafts material.

The Results:

With wild designs and practical solutions, the teams’ creations were as varied as they were fantastic. Lots of vehicles took inspiration from the present, with great Using Imagination and Problem Solving skills on show as designs took on strange new defensive and transformative features. The teams worked together, taking turns, Sharing Ideas and Aiming High to create the best and most impressive prototypes possible. Culminating in practical tests and a final presentation of their ideas, the students showed their pride in the day’s work, Sharing their Ideas and showing off all their great effort.

What they said:

  • “I find the class struggle with creativity, so it’s vital for EE to bring that skill out for them.” – Teaching Assistant, Year 3
  • “It was tricky but interesting to make something that would work in all of the rough future environments.” – Student, Year 5

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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