The School: Al-Furqan Primary School

Al-Furqan Primary School, in Tyseley Birmingham, have been working with Enabling Enterprise for just over a year and are determined to ensure their children are developing vital Enterprise Skills to support their learning now and in the future. After another very successful Year 2 Community Café lesson-time project with a super celebration event, other classes accessing enterprise projects during the year and trips out to workplaces, the whole school from Reception to Year 6, were more than ready to get going on their second Challenge Day.

The Challenge: Operation Moonnbase

Special assemblies to introduce the Al-Furqan students to their enterprise challenge launched the day which saw children from aged 4 – 11 focused on developing their essential Enterprise Skills. Working in teams to establish a new society on a distant moon, they explored leadership by becoming managers and worked as recruitment managers to select a crew to support them on their mission. As designers, teams needed to use their imaginations to come up with a brand new species of animal before taking on the role of architects and builders to make their ideal Moonbase city. It was go, go go!

The Results:

Excited to begin their challenge, all classes were keen to demonstrate their Enterprise Skills from the off. Their ability to work effectively in a team, make decisions and solve problems quickly emerged as critical factors. With their crews selected and amazing new animals created each team set about working out their blueprints for a new city. Listening carefully and sharing ideas came to the fore, and everyone was impressed with how each team remained focused and were clearly aiming high to do the best job possible. Enterprise points aplenty were awarded. Mission accomplished!

What they said:

  • “The activities have really engaged our Reception children – their discussions have been fabulous. A real opportunity for them to use their knowledge and apply their skills.” Reception Teacher, Al-Furqan Primary School
  • “I’d really like to work with this team again – it’s been fun sharing our ideas and working together. We are getting better at listening to each other!” – Year 3 Student, Al-Furqan Primary School
  • “I’m staying positive. I keep dropping my astronaut puppet but I’m going to solve the problem…will you hold it still for me please?” – Reception Student, Al-Furqan Primary School

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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