The School: Whiteheath Junior School

Students at Whiteheath Junior in Hillingdon are in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise. To kick off their programme of enterprise education, the whole school took the opportunity to hone in on their Problem Solving skills as students were Working in a Team to solve a mysterious crime. This was a true test of some of the values spelt out in their school name – ‘Intelligent’, ‘Trusting’, and ‘Hard-working’. Let’s find out how high the teams were aiming.

The Crime Scene Challenge

During morning assembly, instead of the regular enterprise projects the pupils were going to work on, they were greeted through a police briefing! Students from Years 3 to 6 discovered that the ‘Sugar Snatcher’ had been committing terrible crimes in local primary schools, stealing all the chocolate supplies from school kitchens and cupboards. They were tasked with the job of finding out the identity of this terrible criminal. Using all eight of their enterprise skills to the highest standard, the students sifted through various pieces of evidence to piece together what happened and who the culprit was.

The Results:

After thorough police briefings on the crime scene and close inspection of all the clues they gathered, the would-be police recruits held team meetings to decide who they thought the Sugar Snatcher was. Each team then prepared a presentation to share their findings. The reasons were very well backed-up by the strong evidence they had gathered throughout the day. Some groups excelled at Using Imagination when coming up with possible scenarios for what happened, demonstrating they had what it takes to become proper crime scene investigators!

What they said:

  • “Compared to other lessons, leading them or instructing them is not the point. The point is their team decisions – it’s been really interesting to watch them take charge of the investigation.” – Teacher, Year 4
  • “There is a girl in our class who has special needs and it’s lovely to see how she’s been included, and has contributed to her group. She’s shown some really good reasoning and thinking.” – Teacher and Teaching Assistant, Year 6
  • “It was exciting to think about who was guilty. I liked looking around the school for different types of clues.” – Student, Year 5
  • “We were deeply discussing things and we were all sure about what to do.” – Student, Year 3
  • “One of our teammates is usually quiet in other lessons, but today he was really confident for our team and he spoke up!” – Student, Year 3

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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