The School: Wheelers Lane Primary School

Wheelers Lane Primary School, in Kings Heath, Birmingham, has worked with Enabling Enterprise to develop the enterprise skills of their pupils for three years. The Year 5s that attended this trip were well-versed in the enterprise skills, with their familiarity and years of practice showing clearly in their enthusiastic approach to a challenge. This academic year they have successfully completed a Challenge Day called ‘A Day in Politics’ – where students created their own political parties complete with an election at the end of the school day – as well as the ‘Active Minds’ Lesson-Time Project, where they designed and ran a range of unique exercise classes.

The Business: Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce

The Chambers of Commerce have helped businesses in Greater Birmingham grow over the last 200 years. Over 3,000 businesses are members of the Chambers. From the largest, such as Jaguar-Landrover, to small businesses, the Chambers work with them to create more jobs in the city and campaigns for further government support.

The Challenge: Recruitment Race

After interviewing two employees of the Chambers and going on an exciting tour of the office, where more intelligent questions were asked, to find out more about the organisation, the children were informed that GBCC wanted to hire three people – a receptionist, a cleaner and a finance manager. Teams of pupils became recruitment agencies, with the children Listening Carefully to candidate interviews and Sharing Ideas to decide which candidate to put forward for each role. Each team then presented their decisions to a panel of judges comprising of GBCC employees.

The Results:

Despite the teams being comprised of pupils from different classes that were not used to working together, brilliant teamwork and leadership was on display throughout the day. Every team member participated enthusiastically and took responsibility for particular parts of the task. The children listened to each other and the information given to them exceptionally well, and shared their ideas with their team members. Good Problem Solving skills were also evident as the teams made difficult decisions regarding the candidates. The high quality of the final presentations really impressed the judges; they found it very difficult to choose the winning team.

What they said:

  • “I’m so proud of all of the children. A few of them have only started speaking English in the past few years, so to see them present to a large audience today has been amazing. It’s been a pleasure to be here.” – Teacher
  • “I’ve been really shocked by how well the children have worked together and approached the challenge. They were all so enthusiastic! I never thought Human Resources would excite children! It’s especially impressive as the challenge does replicate the real world recruitment process accurately.” – Volunteer, Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce
  • “I have really enjoyed working in my team today. When you work in a team at school you work with your friends sometimes you chat and argue, so you don’t get anything done. Today I only knew one person in my team, but we worked together really well and I’m really pleased with what we achieved.” – Student, Year 5

Thanks to Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce for such a great trip day, and to the Year 5 pupils from Wheelers Lane Primary School that came along.

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