Multiplex create large-scale and complex landmark buildings, commercial structures and infrastructure projects across the world. They have been hosting Enabling Enterprise students for a number of years across a variety of different sites in the UK.

London Fields Primary School is an Enabling Enterprise school situated in Hackney, London. It has been working with Enabling Enterprise for several years, and this year students have been developing their enterprise skills through lesson time projects, a Challenge Day and business trips.

Following a recent Year 6 Business Trip to Multiplex, volunteers were invited to London Fields Primary School to judge the student’s efforts from a week of developing enterprise skills based around a construction theme. Here we caught up with Ed Brown, a Multiplex Engineer, to hear his reflections on being part of Enabling Enterprise in action at London Fields Primary School.

“Following their trip, I was happy to visit London Fields Primary School to judge their development proposals as part of their Construction Counts week. The students were presenting their models of an infrastructure proposal to help develop their local area, particularly highlighting access and sustainability considerations.

During this process teamwork, leadership, creative thinking and problem-solving skills were very much in evidence. It was also clear that students were applying recently taught knowledge and developing their presentation skills.

I was impressed by the level of thought that had gone into each design and how it would benefit the community. The ideas ranged from a technology museum to police stations, foster homes and youth centres.

The skills that were in evidence are the skills that engineers use during the conceptual stage of planning and directly link to how to develop a project.

It was really good to see the incorporation of lots of sustainability ideas throughout the designs and some students had prepared presentations and delivered them very well.”

A class teacher commented on the experience being “extremely helpful as it made the project more purposeful for the children. They really enjoyed being able to show them off and explain their designs to someone outside of the school.”

Enabling Enterprise was founded by teachers in 2009, and now works with over 80,000 students nationally. A not-for-profit social enterprise, our vision is to ensure that, one day, every student will leave school with the skills, experiences and aspirations to succeed.

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