The School: Rotherhithe Primary School

Rotherhithe Primary School is located in Southwark. They are in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise, developing key enterprise skills in their students through a range of Lesson-Time Projects, employer visits to top businesses and most recently a Challenge Day which saw students tackle ‘Operation Moonbase’, practising their Working in a Team and Using Imagination skills. Today students joined volunteers from Westfield Stratford City for a jam-packed day of Retail Revelations.

The Business: Westfield Stratford City, London

Westfield Corporation is one of the world’s leading shopping centre companies with iconic retail destinations in London, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles among its portfolio of 40 centres. Today volunteers were on hand to support the budding entrepreneurs’ forward-thinking whilst Sharing Ideas. Let’s find out how they got on.

The Challenge: Retail Revelations

The day started with the students being taken on an exciting tour of Westfield Stratford shopping centre. Practising their Listening Carefully skill, they heard about how the security sniffer dogs are trained and how all of the cameras in Westfield operate in the surveillance room. Inspired by an exciting tour, the students set to work on their retail revelations challenge.

Through a challenge focussed on creativity and teamwork, the children were Aiming High to come up with original ideas to bring even more customers into Westfield. Having learnt the key facts about Westfield, and taking into account that a shopping centre is not just about shopping, the children had to think about what else could draw in potential customers. Gaining inspiration from their extensive tour through the different floors at Westfield Stratford, the children then set their imaginative minds to this new attraction, factoring in their chosen target audience.

The Results:

Competition was high. The students excelled at demonstrating their enterprise skills. They impressed with their original ideas and creativity, were great at working together in their teams and Listening Carefully to each other in their design activities. The day culminated in a buzzing, time-pressured Trade Fair where all teams were Aiming High to convince the adults in the room that their shopping centre was the best. The panel of Westfield volunteer judges then had the tough decision of picking a winning team after the rounds of confident presentations.

What they said:

  • “The day has been so interesting for the students, they’ve really enjoyed themselves!” – Teacher, Rotherhithe Primary School
  • “I was so surprised and impressed by how engaged the children were and their imaginative ideas have really inspired me.” – Volunteer, Westfield Stratford City
  • “My favourite part of today was the tour because we got to see people doing jobs I didn’t know existed.” – Student, Rotherhithe Primary School

Thanks to Westfield Stratford City for such a great trip day, and to Year 4 from Rotherhithe Primary School for coming along.

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