The School: Heartlands High School

Heartlands High School in Haringey have been working with Enabling Enterprise for the last two years to develop students’ Enterprise Skills through lesson-time projects and student visits to employers.

The Business: Clifford Chance, London

Clifford Chance is a multinational law firm. It is one of the ten largest law firms in the world and employs over 3,400 lawyers and has 36 offices across 26 countries. The firm was formed in 1987 by the merger of two London law firms, Clifford Turner and Coward Chance.

The Challenge: Ace Advocates

The students were quick to introduce themselves to the volunteers from Clifford Chance as well as guest volunteers from investment bank JP Morgan. Armed with the knowledge of effective Listening and Understanding, Presenting and Working in a Team and inspired by the employer volunteer interviews, the teams began working as solicitors to represent a client in a civil dispute. Given a specific case files, the teams were presented with a range of information and had to show their Problem Solving Skills and demonstrate they were Being Creative and Staying Positive to fathom a compromise that was plausible and a reflection of their clients’ needs. Listening and Understanding the case file and each other were paramount as they drew closer to going head to head in negotiation.

The Results:

Going into the negotiations, teams had prepared three main arguments to support their case as well as a proposed compromise they were willing to offer to the other side. Following this, teams had some time to re-consider their positions. During the negotiations, passions flared as student teams articulately argued their cases and considered the best response to the opposing team. Some teams were more willing to compromise than others but the challenge clearly highlighted the importance of backing up arguments with clear reasons.

What they said:

  • ” Teams showed a lot of creativity in their arguments today and some passion in the negotiations.” – Teacher, Heartlands High School
  • “It was a very fun session, the students had some great ideas about their arguments!” – Volunteer, Clifford Chance
  • ” The most interesting thing we found out today was that there were so many areas of law and a lot of the time things do not end up in court.” – Student, Heartlands High School

Thanks to Clifford Chance for such a great trip day, and to Year 10 from Heartlands High School for coming along.

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