The School: The Highway Primary School

Having worked with a number of other schools in Bromley such as Darrick Wood Junior, today was a chance for the students of The Highway Primary School to get a taste of enterprise education. From the moment of their arrival, the Year 5 students were enthusiastic to learn about the 8 enterprise skills and demonstrate that they could use them.

The Business: Bell Group, London

Bell Group was established in October 1984 and has continued trading from that time. They embrace the time-honoured traditions of tradesmen, while combining them with new technologies, forward-thinking people and innovative ideas, to transform communities and their spaces. Today we were joined by employees from a variety of departments, including client relations and hands-on operative staff.

The Challenge: Brilliant Builds

The Year 5 Highway Primary students were warmly welcomed by the employees of Bell Group and they were lucky enough to have a tour of the offices and the opportunity to ask questions to find out more about life in the refurbishment, maintenance and decoration industry. This research meant that all the student teams were bursting with ideas for their Enabling Enterprise Brilliant Builds Challenge. To test their Leading and Sharing Ideas skills, teams were tasked with designing and creating three new buildings in the fictional town of ‘Bogsby’ that incorporated the community’s wants and needs.

The Results:

From the off, the young recruits were able to use their team work skills to impress the Bell Group volunteers. Ideas were shared enthusiastically and it was most pleasing to see young leaders come to the fore, encouraging and supporting others. Teams were able to apply what they had learned about the ‘community of Bogsby’ and made sure this was evident in their presentations to conclude the day. Ian, the Branch Manager and special guest judge, was amazed by their ability to articulate their ideas and speak in a confident manner.

What they said:

  • ” The material was pitched at the kids’ level, keeping them engaged and having fun.” – Teacher, The Highway
  • “With the way society is today, children only have the opportunity to meet their parents and their teachers. Today was a chance for them to meet different adults in a controlled environment.” – Volunteer, Bell Group
  • “Today’s challenge made the children aware of life skills, now they will be able to appreciate their importance in the playground and later in the workplace.” – Volunteer, Bell Group
  • “Leading is not only about listening to others but also understanding what people say and responding to it.” – Student, The Highway

Thanks to Bell Group for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from The Highway Primary School for coming along.

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