The School: Lander Road Primary School

In their first year working with Enabling Enterprise, the students of Lander Road arrived, excited and determined to succeed. 25 pupils from Year 5 and 6 made up six teams vying for the title of ‘best lawyers in town’. Immediately showing fantastic Working in a Team skills, the teams were Listening Carefully and Sharing Ideas as they began their challenge, meeting the volunteers from Eversheds Sutherland who would guide them through the days tasks.

The Business: Eversheds Sutherland, Manchester

Eversheds Sutherland is a British multinational law firm head-quartered in London. It is one of the world’s largest corporate law firms, with over 40 offices based in the world’s major economic centres. They employ just under 3,000 people, which includes around 1,220 lawyers. The impressive Manchester office was the venue for the day’s challenge.

The Challenge: Ace Advocates

Inspired by the volunteers from Eversheds Sutherland, teams formed a company of passionate solicitors, representing a client in a highly contentious negotiation task. Working against another team, the groups were Aiming High and Staying Positive when given a wide range of key information about their particular case creating a persuasive presentation to convince the judges of their argument. As a true test of Problem Solving and Leading, Ace Advocates gave the students a chance to work together to find a solution for their client in a challenging disagreement.

The Results:

All of the volunteers and teachers were blown away by the presenting skills of the newly formed teams. With a mix of year groups in each team, the children clearly grew throughout the day in their ability to work with children they did not know well and solve problems together. Every child participated in the final negotiations, compromising to find a final agreement with their opposition. The all-round fantastic work made it very difficult for the volunteers to judge which team they believed made the most compelling arguments and showed confidence and drive.

What they said:

  • “It’s really nice to see them working in different groups and good to be able to step back and observe the relationships.” – Teacher, Lander Road Primary School
  • “It was a really good day. I’ve done this before and its always been worthwhile. The kids got so much out of it today.” – Volunteer, Eversheds Sutherland
  • “I really enjoyed the whole day, but I was most proud of the presentations at the end.” – Year 5 Student, Lander Road Primary School

Thanks to Eversheds Sutherland for such a great trip day, and to the Year 5 and 6 pupils from Lander Road Primary School for coming along.

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