The School: Beech Hill Primary School

The Year 6 students from Beech Hill Primary School in Luton have been developing their enterprise skills across the year, including Working in a Team and Problem Solving. Most recently, they completed the demanding challenge of generating new ideas for a social enterprise, including the creation of a clear mission statement and branding to promote their work. The students chosen today were those who excelled during this Challenge Day so both expectations and competition were sure to be high!

The Business: Argent, London

Argent are high-end property developers involved in the full development process – from identifying and assembling sites, developing designs and obtaining planning permission through to financing, project management of the construction process, letting, asset management and sometimes selling. Their exciting offices in King’s Cross provided an inspiring venue for the students to experience in their challenge today!

The Challenge: Brilliant Builds

The area of Bogsby has a brownfield site in the centre of the community. The challenge was to redevelop the land and create a space that would benefit the local people and the environment. Before Sharing Ideas and deciding on what they were going to construct, teams needed to Listen Carefully to the needs of the people of Bogsby and ensure that the new development was environmentally friendly. After building a model of their planned development, the teams ended the day by pitching their ideas and justifying their decisions.

The Results:

The final models produced incorporated a range of exciting features including community centres, restaurants and pools. The students were clearly Aiming High to try to meet the needs of all community members as well as provide exciting and entertaining facilities for the town. This was further demonstrated in their pitches where each student confidently presented on the skills used throughout the day, showing off their ability in Sharing Ideas. It was also impressive to see several of the students setting personal goals to continue improving when they go back to school!

What they said:

  • “They really get so much out of this; seeing the model and then comparing it to reality brings it all to life.” – Teacher, Beech Hill Primary
  • “Their speeches showed how much they had thought about the challenge and taken everything on board from throughout the day. Listening Carefully was definitely used.” – Volunteer, Argent
  • “Our team had to stay positive when we were running out of time but I think we were able to finish because we all worked together and helped each other.” – Student, Beech Hill Primary

Thanks to Argent for such a great trip day, and to Year 6 from Beech Hill Primary School for coming along.

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