The Schools: Colden Common Primary, Harestock Primary, Merdon Junior, South Wonston Primary, Twyford St Mary CE Primary, Kimpton, Thruxton & Fyfield CE Primary

These 6 local primary schools are located in and around Winchester and were excited to take up this exclusive opportunity to take part in an Enabling Enterprise business trip competition! A fantastic chance for the students to learn more about their local employer IBM and to meet other local school children.

The Business: IBM, Hursley, Winchester

IBM is one of the most famous information technology companies in the world. It now focuses on generating innovative solutions for business problems far more than on producing hardware. The teams of budding entrepreneurs met and worked with the employees of IBM, to find out more about their jobs, the skills they used and their hopes and aspirations for the future. Steve, the UK Labs Development Manager gave the students a fantastic tour of the huge IBM site, including the wall of Master Inventors, the open plan office space, innovation room and client ideas hub.

The Challenge: Tech-Xperts

The challenge for the students was to come up with an innovative new idea for an app which will help the employees of IBM with any communication problems they had. The teams began by learning how communication apps are used in everyday life and in the workplace. They explored the different barriers companies may face when communicating and ensured they were Listening Carefully to collect as much market research as possible while on their tour. It was then time to put their Problem Solving into action to design their app, its name and logo. Finally, they prepared persuasive presentations to try and win the employees-now-judges over.

The Results:

‘World changing’, ‘revolutionary’ and ‘futuristic’ new apps were being created throughout the day by the new tech-companies led by the Year 5 & 6 students. Anything from translators to voice-activated emails, the teams were both Problem Solving and Working in a Team to ensure their idea was not only useful but unique. It was fantastic to see the students embracing the enterprise skills and really showing how much they wanted to win. Steve shared Enabling Enterprise’s passion for skills in schools as when he is recruiting for IBM, he looks for three key skills – communication, team work and problem solving! He was incredibly impressed with each team and the potential they had to become future employees! The teams presented confidently and persuasively to the judges, leaving them the very tricky task of choosing a winner, they decided that it would be the Twyford Technology Terrors from Twyford St Mary’s CE Primary who were the overall winners of the day!

What they said:

  • “It’s been an amazing day – the children have absolutely loved it!” – Teacher, Twyford St Mary’s CE Primary
  • “I was impressed how the teams really listened to our problems and came up with a great idea together to solve that problem.” – Volunteer, IBM
  • ”Usually I am very shy when I stand up and talk in front of people, today I felt much more confident and I was most proud of presenting with my team.” – Student, South Wonston Primary

Thanks to IBM for such a great trip day, and to Years 5 and 6 from Colden Common Primary, Harestock Primary, Merdon Junior, South Wonston Primary, Twyford St Mary CE Primary, Kimpton, Thruxton & Fyfield CE Primary for coming along.

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