The School: Trinity Park Academy

Trinity Park Academy based in Haringey are in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise, they are passionate about developing their key employability skills and have already been very busy back in the classroom practising their Working in a Team, Sharing Ideas and Problem Solving through a whole-school Challenge Day and exciting Lesson-Time Projects. Today 30 Year 6 students were visiting UBS to apply these skills in the real world.

The Business: UBS, London

UBS is a global bank, providing services in over 50 countries. Specialising in Wealth Management and Global Asset Management they provide services for high net worth individuals, private, corporate, and institutional clients all over the world. Worldwide, UBS employs 60,099 people who speak more than 130 languages and are citizens of 135 countries. The students today were joined by employees John, Darren, Matt, Emily and Christina.

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

The teams began the day by interviewing the volunteers from UBS to find out more about their jobs, which skills they use on a daily basis and how they came to work at UBS. Then they were introduced to their financial challenge of the day: to take on the world of trading and try to make sensible decisions to invest their client, Dr Taylor’s, money effectively. Throughout the day the teams had to ensure they were always Listening Carefully to analyse all the information presented, through discussions and debating the teams had to quickly decide which companies to invest in with the hope of making a decent return for their client. As time ticked on, each team’s decision making quickly improved, they listened to the advice of the volunteers who explained that every day is a learning day and to ensure that your team think carefully and explain your decisions.

The Results:

Teams learnt that being a trader wasn’t always easy, they quickly understood that traders need to be careful, look at different viewpoints and consider them all before making a decision. Each team listened well to their team mates and showed excellent Problem Solving throughout the day. When it was time to present to the judges, they ensured they were Using Imagination to engage their audience as well as showing real professionalism. The Year 6 students were clear, confident and persuasive in their pitches and the judges had a very difficult decision to choose the winning team. Congratulations to the Marvellous Money Makers who took the top spot for today.

What they said:

  • “The children were engaged and used an array of skills, great to see them learning while having fun!” – Teacher, Trinity Park Academy
  • “We have been hugely impressed with all of you today!” – Volunteer, UBS
  • “We are proud of how we have worked together as a team, which will help us in our everyday lives. We know how and when to use the skills in the future.” – Year 6 Student, Trinity Park Academy

Thanks to UBS for such a great trip day, and to Year 6 from Trinity Park Academy for coming along.

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