The School: Heathfield Primary and Nursery School

Heathfield Primary and Nursery School in Nottingham have been partnering with Enabling Enterprise to develop the enterprise skills of their pupils for three years. The school is split across two sites. All of Key Stage Two participated in the challenge, the majority of whom are based at the Basford site, besides one class at the other site in Highbury Vale. Some pupils in Years 5 and 6 were particularly excited, having exercised their enterprise skills on a trip to Experian in Nottingham earlier in the year.

The Challenge: Creative Spaces

At the beginning of the day, the children were informed that planners had requested their help to design a new arts centre for their local community. Through working in a team students decided the location for their centre and what types of art would be practised and celebrated there. They then used their imaginations to design the arts centre, which had to in some way be inspired by nature. Each team produced a drawing of their building, which incorporated each member’s ideas, and then a 3-D model. In some classes, the teams presented their designs to their peers at the end of the day.

The Results:

The aptly named creative spaces that the children designed revealed fantastic imaginations hard at work. Problem solving skills were required to turn the elaborate drawings into 3-D models, with the children staying positive in the face of challenges to construction. Across the school the models created were very impressive. It was clear that the children had aimed high to produce arts centres that served the local community and were inspired by nature in very imaginative ways.

What they said:

  • “These children are very creative, so I think the challenge suits them very well, they are really excelling at the creative elements. Though they struggle with working in teams, so having to do so today with children they don’t work with regularly is really good for them. They are developing really crucial skills.” – Teacher, Year 5 and 6
  • “lt is really important to be resilient. This means not giving up when you have a problem, encouraging each other and trying your best. My team has been resilient today – we had a few arguments this morning, but we stayed positive and solved our problems so that we could build the best arts centre.” – Student, Year 3

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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