The School: Woodhouse Primary Academy

Woodhouse Primary Academy in Birmingham are in their fourth year of working with Enabling Enterprise. Pupils have developed their enterprise skills through a range of lesson time projects, for example; Active Minds, business trips and challenge days such as Operation Moonbase. Let’s see how they got on!

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

Challenged by the United Nations to establish a society on Utopia, a newly discovered planet; Aiming High, the pupils needed to use their Problem Solving and Working in a Team skills to select a crew, plan and design the blueprint for a new capital city and create a brand new animal to live with them to Utopia.

The Results:

Excited to begin their challenge, Year 5 pupils quickly demonstrated their Being Creative skills to devise a range of fantastic team names for the day. Their Working in a Team and Problem Solving skills quickly emerged as critical factors to the success of this challenge. With their crews selected and amazing new animals created each team set about working out their blueprints for a new city. The day concluded with an intergalactic trade fair that allowed each team to sell their new society to their peers.

What they said:

  • “An enjoyable day in which pupils were able to apply their enterprise skills in a creative and engaging way ” – Teacher, Woodhouse Primary Academy
  • “I really enjoyed the day, working in our team to make a new animal for protection and transportation was my favourite part ” – Year 5 pupil, Woodhouse Primary Academy

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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