The School: Reading Girls School

On Wednesday 5th July, Reading Girls School hosted an exciting challenge day for local primary schools to give prospective students a taste of secondary school life. Year 5 pupils from Park Lane Junior, St Michael’s Primary, Oxford Road Community School, The Palmer Academy, and Whitney Park Primary all took part in the day. With the support of year 7 students from Reading Girls School, the primary school students set to work to complete the intergalactic challenge designed to test how effectively the students could use the eight key enterprise skills.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

The day started with the primary students meeting their Year 7 volunteers and deciding on an interesting, intergalactic team name It was then down to business and throughout the day the students were set a series of challenges including choosing the dream team for a mission to start a new moon colony for humankind. Teams had to negotiate which team members to take to the moon by assessing their skills and how useful these would be in setting up the new colony. They then had to use their Problem Solving skills to decide how to allocate their budget to develop a new city based on specific geographical problems that they were presented with. Each team then developed a 3D prototype of their new city and finally rehearsed and gave presentations on their city ideas to win the judges’ votes.

The Results:

Teams had to work effectively and use skills such as: working in a team, listening carefully, problem solving and using imagination. Each team worked extremely hard over the day to make an exciting new species of animal and phenomenal 3D prototypes of their city. This day at Reading Girls School was an excellent opportunity for students to make new friends and learn about other local schools. Teachers from the different schools also took on this networking opportunity and joined in the day by creating their own team and taking on the Operation Moonbase challenge, with fantastic results!

Each team were awarded a skill of the day certificate; ‘Taikenaughts’ and ‘The Galactic Girls’ from Oxford Road were awarded the Staying Positive andlistening carefully award respectively, ‘Glorious Galaxy Girls’ from Whitley Park were commended on their Working in a Team, ‘Foxes; defenders of the Galaxy’ were praised for their problem solving, ‘Galaxy Star Gazers’ from St Michael’s wowed judges with their inspirations while Using Imagination to create their wonderful animal and finally ‘Galaxy Girls’ from Palmer Academy were awarded Sharing Ideas for their fantastic slick presentation, they also were chosen as the overall winner of the day.

All teams worked extremely hard, so all students walked out of the Summer 2017 Moonbase Challenge feeling equally proud of their team effort and creativity.

What they said:

  • “We worked well as a team and never gave up… even when our Dam broke! We worked together to fix it and make it even better!” – Student, Year 5
  • “It was a really nice opportunity to build up my confidence when talking to new people.” – Student, Year 7
  • “I liked that the students didn’t just complete the tasks but thought carefully about the skills required to do well and do the best they could.” – Teacher, Year 5
  • “It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to develop an understanding of careers and employability. We do this day to develop the skills, such as team work, communication, creative thinking, independence and resilience.” – Kate Thomson Careers and Employability Skills Co-ordinator, Reading Girls School.

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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