The School: Parrenthorn High School

Parrenthorn High School is a comprehensive school located in Prestwich in the English county of Greater Manchester. Today their Year 9 took part in the Invest It Best Challenge Day as part of the whole school drop-down PSHCE day. It was their first time working with Enabling Enterprise and so it served as an introduction to the eight skills. It was a great opportunity for pupils and staff alike to assess how well students could cope with a fast paced, action-packed day.

The Challenge: Invest It Best

Invest It Best calls upon the students to use their Problem Solving and Staying Positive skills in order to become Investment Bankers and successfully invest their client’s money. The team who could keep a clear head and not give up when things got difficult were going to emerge as the victors. The pupils were working outside their usual form and friendship groups so Working in a Team had an extra element of challenge to it. As they entered the hall, for one day only, a busy trading floor, they were a little apprehensive but keen to get involved and prove their mettle. As the morning went on and they used multiple sources in order to make their best investment decisions, it was fantastic to see Leading skills developing across the teams. From careful scrutiny of financial newspapers to Listening and Understanding economic news broadcasts, the pupils never lost sight of the demands of their client and worked together to Invest It Best.

The Results:

After a busy morning the pupils had one last, very important task to do; Presenting back to the client. Profit was not the only criteria for winning this day. We wanted to see that the pupils understood that Enterprise Skills meant explaining their decisions in detail and using evidence to support their choices. It was their opportunity to reflect on this things they had done well in the day and how they could be even better next time. It was fantastic to see them overcome their nerves and be able to stand in front of their peers and give professional and engaging presentations. It was the perfect way to end the day and show how they were Being Creative with the way they approached Problem Solving in order to take on board lots of information and make tough decisions.

What they said:

  • “It was interesting to obverse how they tackled the challenges of the day. You could see them going up and down as they won and lost and how they dealt with that in team they aren’t used to working in.” – Teacher, Year 9
  • “I felt really down after one round where we lost money but I was proud of us as a team for not giving up and carrying on to the next round. We tried really hard on that trade and ended up making a profit.” – Student, Year 9

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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